The Bodyshake:
A Discordian Greeting
Bodyshake loving boy
Bodyshake loving girl
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Shamlicht Kids Club (Cool Effects)
Shamlicht Kids Club (Less Annoying)
by Sister Hooter and Captain *Sesame Seed* Rogers,
Founders of Shamlicht Kids Club
(adapted by Reverend Loveshade from The Shamlicht Kids Club Handbook)
The 537 Sign
The semi-secret handshake (537)
The Bodyshake with V sign (but don't move your feet!)
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Creative Commons
2.5 License.
The Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild has a Secret Handshake*, but
as it's a secret we can't tell you what it is.  But you can use the greeting called the
Bodyshake, which is just as good and almost as much fun.  It's available for use by
Discordians, Harmonians and Ek-sen-triks everywhere (and, of course, by members
and leaders of the
Shamlicht Kids Club).

The bodyshake started with a conflict between Captain 'Sesame Seed' Rogers,
conductor of the Bonobo Boys Band in Boston, and Sister Hooter, disciplinarian for Our
Lady of the Immaculate Conception School for Unwed Mothers.  The Captain had
formed Shamlicht Boys, and the Sister had formed Shamlicht Girls.  Each claimed to
have had the idea first.  This led to a fight where they stood toe to toe, locked hands,
and argued while banging their heads together.  Fortunately, putting their heads
together gave them an idea, and they merged.  Thus was created both
Shamlicht Kids
Club (SKC) and the Bodyshake.

To make the bodyshake, two people face each other and touch toes, one person's left
foot to the other's right foot and visa versa.  Each then makes the Ek-sen-trik
Discordian 537 sign** with both hands.  The 537 sign is made by holding the palm
outward and then extending the thumb, middle finger and pinky while the index and ring
fingers touch or nearly touch the palm of that hand.  Then the left hand of one person
touches the right hand of the other, and the right hand of one touches the other's left
hand.  The two people then touch foreheads***.  This means they are connected at five
points, more or less.  The bodyshakers then move their touching hands and heads
from  side to side, preferably while saying 'smagmoid' or 'shamlicht'**** five times.  
Warning: keep your feet planted firmly and relatively still or you might both fall over.

* To perform the Secret Handshake: xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx.  xxxxxx xxx 537 xxxx xxxxx xxxxx
xx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxx.  xxxx xxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxx, xxx xxxxx xxxx.  xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx.

To perform the semi-secret Handshake: one makes the 537 sign with thumb up,
another with thumb down. They connect their hands with the middle finger of each
between the doubled-over index and ring finger of the other.  Then both slide their
middle fingers in and out of the other's fingers and across the other's palm several

** Non Ek-sen-trik Discordians may substitute the Discordian Numeral V Sign.  The V
sign, also known as the victory or peace sign, is made by holding the palm outward with
the middle and index finger extended and spread to form a V, while the ring finger and
pinkie are touching the palm and the thumb is touching the ring finger.

*** Bodyshakers may substitute Zen equivalents if they are without hands, feet and/or

**** Shamlicht Kids and their leaders should say *'Shamlicht Kids' five times.  Non
Ek-sen-trik Discordians are free to substitute the word 'fnord' if desired.    
semi-secret Handshake
Bodyshake with V sign.
But don't move your feet like they're doing!
The Bodyshake with 537 sign (but don't stay still!)
Bodyshake with 537 sign.
But don't stay still like they're doing!