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Both Danacasso and
the Mythics claimed
Imaginary Friend Day,
so this was a
compromise.  Also
note Hawkeye is an
Ek-sen-trik Discordian
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Ek-sen-trik Discordian

As ripped off from various sources
Reverend Loveshade, Untroubled Teen, and Assorted Others
Episkopos and Sexetary and Others, respectively,
of the
Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild
and by Princess Unicornia and Friends
of the Mythics of Harmonia
Here's a short and convenient list of the Holydays of the Season of Confusion, with full descriptions below.
These holydays are identified by source: DJ is Discordians for Jesus; ED is the Ek-sen-trik Discordians
(Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild); ECG is the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild; MH is the Mythics of
Harmonia; PD is Principia Discordia; O is Other.
May 31 (5 Confusion): Syaday (PD) (or Gulikday)/Fearless Fred Day (ED)
May 37 (11 Confusion): 537 Day (ECG)
June 10 (15 Confusion): Mad Hatter Day (O)
June 21 (26 Confusion): Imaginary Friend/Captain Tuttle Day (ED)/(MH)
July 2 (37 Confusion): Mid-Year’s Day (ECG)
July 15 (50 Confusion): Confuflux (PD)
May 31 (5 Confusion): Syaday (PD) (some might call it Gulikday)/Fearless Fred Day (ED).  We
won’t get in an argument over whether this holiday truly belongs to St. Sri Syadasti (etc.) or to St.
Gulik the Stoned.  Because of course it belongs to St. Fearless Fred.  Honor the Five Star Saint
and President of planet Ek-sen-trik-kuh by walking barefoot, riding a moped, or climbing up a
rose trellis to rescue a maiden in distress and/or wrestle a maiden out of her dress (willing
maidens only).  Call everyone and everything “Fred.”  This is also known as

May 37 (11 Confusion):
537 Day (ECG).  See November 25.

June 10 (15 Confusion):
Mad Hatter Day (O).  See October 6.

June 21 (26 Confusion):
Imaginary Friend/Captain Tuttle Day (ED)/(MH).  Recognize and
credit your imaginary friend, whom you blame for everything on all the other days of the year.  Or
help someone anonymously, but in a way they’d never expect.  (“Captain Tuttle” was the made-
up buddy of Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce and “Trapper John” McIntire on the TV show
“M*A*S*H.”  They used the mythical captain’s identity to get supplies and funds from the U. S.
Military which were then sent to help an orphanage).

July 2 (37 Confusion):
Mid Year’s Day (ECG).  The middle day of the year.  Use only middle
names, stay to the middle of the road, pat or rub your or someone else’s middle (this is a great
day to apply to join The Order of the Holy Chao Belly Rubbers).  Point to things with your middle
finger.  Visit a middle school and talk about the good old days of the Middle Ages.  (If you want to
get technical, on Leap Year this day would run from noon of July 2 to noon of July 3, but you don’
t have to get that anal unless you really want to).

July 15 (50 Confusion):
Confuflux (PD).  Holyday of the Season of Confusion.  How do you
celebrate this day?  We don’t know--we’re confused.