Alden Loveshade
1 September 2006

Before human beings discovered, defined and named Pluto, it followed its course through the heavens. After they
discovered it and called it the ninth planet, it followed its course through the heavens. Now that scientists say it is not a
planet, it follows its course through the heavens. And if they declare it a planet once again, it will still follow its course
through the heavens.

Changing the definition of reality doesn't change reality, only our perspective. And that's what this debate is really all about.
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By the way, we know that Eris' moon
Dysnomia (formerly Gabrielle) is
really Shamlicht. And we really like
Xena and companion Gabrielle, even
if their TV show did make our
Goddess look bitchy.
Reverend Loveshade
12 October 2006

As of this writing, the anniversary of the death of Eristotle,  the dwarf planet formerly named Planet X (or
Xena) is named 136199 Eris.  Because it is currently believed larger than Pluto, this means that the
world considered the Solar System's ninth planet since its discovery in 1930 was demoted to a dwarf
planet.  This decision of the International Astronomical Union has not proved popular, and may have
changed by the time you read this.

This is a prime example of the Discordian principle of grids.  People in a society typically have grids
similar to each other.  Imagine taking a grid you can see through, and going outside one night and
looking through it at the lights in the heavens.  The points that line up on your grid will line up on the
grids of your neighbors.  You can all agree that you're looking at a crab or a goat or a virgin.  But
people in a different society will see different points lined up differently on their grids.  They might, for
example, say that the lights line up to indicate the birth of the king of the Jews.  Like
the blind men and
the elephant, people fight and kill each other over their grids.  But the lights in the sky shine on them all.
Planet Eris
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Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia
Brother Kob
13 September 2006

It finally happened today. The so called dwarf planet
nicknamed "Xena" is now offically named after the Greek
discordian goddess Eris. Here is the URL of the planet

According to wikipedia, the planet "Eris" is the farthest
planet from the sun (Down, Christianity, down!) AND it
orbits around the sun at 556.7 years! Now I know what you
are thinking: "How come it's not 555 years?" Well, there's a
trick to Eris' so-called planet! if you add the numbers like
so: 5 + 5 + 6 + 7, you get the number 23! And 23 IS Eris'
number! I love this goddess so much. She finally came
public in the most unexpected way. Hail Eris for replacing a
terrible actress with a crazy, new one! One who's so good
at acting, that no one knows whether or not she's faking it.
136199 Eris
We should start a Jake campaign to get the new planet
named Eris, or more like "Discordia" to keep with the
Roman naming scheme....

This planet was obviously not invited to the party and has
been hiding out there well into our Space Age waiting to
cause mischief. Also, there are no hot dog buns that far
from the sun. I think the choice is obvious.

Lets just hope she doesn't roll any golden asteroids our
The New Planet
by Prince Mu-Chao
11 August 2005 5:27:10 AM Mt. McKinley time
I am sorry, ma'am, but it is a girl.

(allegedly said at the birth of Eristotle)
The Jake that Changed a World
Celebrate the Mass of
Planet Eris/Eristotle on 13
September/ 37 Bureacracy
Gay Marxist
5 June 2006

When I first got into Discordianism, my
dad, a veteran of these sort of things,
cynically proclaimed "None of the real
Discordians call themselves
Discordians any more. They're all
pretending to be Fundamentalist
Christians and people obsessed with
Planet X." At the time, I didn't get what
he was grabbing at, but now I do.
Unnamed Midwife
13 September 1752, Colony of New York