'Thanks to the Internet, we
have almost instant access
to almost the entirety of
human knowledge. And what
do we spend our time online
doing? Watching YouTube
videos of cats falling off of

Eric B. Smith
'For a fish there is only
now and THE END.'

-- Margaret Hollingsworth
'My goal has been to
annihilate all the things I
identify with …and see who

Professor Cramulus in
'Self Improvement is
Masturbation. But Self
'(T)he feminist agenda is not
about equal rights for
women. It is about a socialist,
anti-family political movement
that encourages women to
leave their husbands, kill
their children, practice
witchcraft, destroy capitalism
and become lesbians.'

– Pat Robertson
'To America, I say only a
few words to it and its
people: I swear to God
that America will not live
in peace before peace
reigns in Palestine, and
before all the army of
infidels depart the land of
Muhammad, peace be
upon him.

'God is great, may pride
be with Islam. May peace
and God's mercy be
upon you.'

-- Osama bin Laden,
October 7, 2001
'Ding Dong! The Witch is
dead. Which old Witch?
The Wicked Witch!
Ding Dong! The Wicked
Witch is dead.

'Wake up - sleepy head,
rub your eyes, get out of

'Wake up, the Wicked
Witch is dead.'

Wizard of Oz
(1939 film)
'With this Award, I
Promise to Hoist my
Delusions of Grandeur to
an Even More Exalted

'Pina Coladas for All!'


Sondra London on
being named in 2011 to
Order of the
'Alan will graciously
accept this great honour,
and as long as he
doesn't have to do
anything, will be glad to
receive a certificate in
the post.

'Alan doesn’t usually
accept any awards, but in
this case he will make an

Joe of
Dodgem Logic
for Alan Moore named
in 2011 to the
Order of
the Pineapple
BadBeast about
Reverend Loveshade

'More of a repulsive wrongcock,
who lives in a carefully
constructed, but ultimately
fragile world of self delusional
fantasy. Being unable to
sublimate the magnitude of his
sexual proclivities, he seeks to
inhabit a series of elaborate
fantasies in order to avoid
having to face up to the reality of
the monster he really is. Thus,
his fantasies become more and
more removed from actual real
life, until he is unable to sustain
them, and inevitably, they come
crashing down.

'This forces him to either
repudiate the truth, and remove
himself from the genepool via
suicide, (which hasn't, as far as
I know, happened yet) or
validate his deviancy by acting
out his atrocious and
unnacceptable sexual urges.
Once these urges have been
acted out, the horror drives him
back into his fantasy world, and
the whole sick charade begins
again. I would (If there wasn't
any legal impediment to this
action) quite cheerfully and
dispassionately despatch him,
with a bullet. Not out of any
sense of justice, or misguided
vigilantism, but simply because
it needs to be done. And the
sooner the better.  

' I am in no way suggesting that
anyone should actually murder
him, or condoning murder in any
way. I'm just objectifying the
possible outcome of his sorry
life, and following the moral
objectives, from a practical
viewpoint. '

-- BadBeast, August 12, 2010
'If you're going to tell people
the truth, you'd better make
them laugh. Otherwise, they'll
kill you.'

-- Eristotle
'The fact that we live at the
bottom of a deep gravity well,
on the surface of a gas
covered planet going around
a nuclear fireball 90 million
miles away and think this to
be normal is obviously some
indication of how skewed our
perspective tends to be. '

-- Douglas Adams,
Speech at Digital Biota 2,
Cambridge, UK, (1998)
'The Motto of both Shamlicht
Boys and Shamlicht Girls
was ‘Be Protected from
Everything.’  But upon the
merger, the Motto became
‘Be Prepared for Anything.’  
This proved to be much more
useful.  (And wasn’t as
subject to prosecution as
keeping the kids locked in the
closet all day had been.)'

Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia:
The Tales of Shamlicht &
The Shamlicht Kids Club
'I was so scared I told them
anything they wanted to hear.'

-- Jeffrey Sapp
on how police coerced him
into testifying against
Anthony Davis
'It only takes 20 years for a
liberal to become a
conservative without
changing a single idea.'

-- Robert Anton Wilson
'Nothing is a word, according
to the dictionary.'

-- Brother Kob
'The trick is to pretend you've
planned the whole thing out
in advance.'

-- George Lucas (2010)

-- Bill and Ted
'By a free country I mean a
country where people are
allowed, so long as they do
not hurt their neighbours, to
do as they like. I do not mean
a country where six men may
make five men do exactly as
they like. That is not my
notion of freedom.'

-- Robert Cecil, 3rd Marquess
of Salisbury (British Prime
Minister and Conservative)
'On general grounds I object
to Parliament trying to
regulate private morality in
matters which only affects the
person who commits the

-- Robert Cecil, 3rd Marquess
of Salisbury (British Prime
Minister and Conservative)
'I'm on a mission from

Minnie Rae
'The proper method for
hastening the decay of error,
is not, by brute force, or by
regulation which is one of the
classes of force, to
endeavour to reduce men to
intellectual uniformity; but on
the contrary by teaching every
man to think for himself. '

--  William Godwin
'We don't have any towels.
We had one once, but it was
stolen by a hotel.'

-- Scrugg in
Alice in
(1976 film)
Ignore the fnords
Very Brief Introduction--
more of a Thong Introduction
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'I once lent a copy of the
Principia to a dear friend of
mine. A few days later I found
the pages torn, dirty, cold, wet
and strewn across the
ground. At first I was hurt that
she treated my lovely and
already water damaged book
with such disrespect, then I
realized that SHE GOT IT! '

P. McGorill
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia:
The Tales of Shamlicht
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia:
The Tales of Shamlicht
The OldFishOil Website of

The Discordian Division of
The Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild

led to the slaughter by our Episkopos
Reverend Loveshade
Principia Discordia was written in the 1950s and 1960s by Malaclypse the Younger with Omar Khayyam
Ravenhurst, and has been causing trouble ever since.  It promotes the worship of Eris, also known as
Discordia, who is the Goddess of Chaos.  It is either a religion disguised as a joke, or a joke disguised as
a religion.  
Yes we have the entire book.

Apocrypha Discordia was proposed by somebody who told the idea to Steve Jackson, who never did it.
So instead it was compiled by the  Rev. DrJon Swabey and illuminated by Pope Phil Wlodarczyk III with
a lot of cool stuff by too many people to list here. Our own BloodStar and Reverend Loveshade are both
mentioned in it, which has done wonders for their egos.
Yes we have the entire book.

Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht has been talked about by Alan Moore, R. Crumb,
Rev. Ivan Stang, Robert Anton Wilson, Sondra London, S. John Ross aka Pope Leo, and some of them
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'My initial reaction is,

-- R. Crumb
Discordia: The Tales of
'Buy it and BURN THIS

-- Rev. Ivan Stang
Discordia: The Tales of

-- Alan Moore
Discordia: The Tales of
'I hereby give blanket
permission for anyone
anywhere to libel or
slander the name of
Reverend Loveshade on
21 December 2012 CE.
This does not apply to
any other reverend or any
other Loveshade, to any
legal or other name, or to
any friend, family member
or associate of Reverend
Loveshade. This shall
apply even if the world
doesn't end today. This
special s
hall apply

--Reverend Loveshade
21 December 2012
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