Hey Kids!  And hey adults too!  Welcome to Shamlicht Kids Club! Our
club is still really new but its totally cool!

You can click on a part below that has a
line under it and see what’s
there.  Or click on a pencil to the left!  The other parts will be coming

If kids or parents or aunts or uncles or grandparents or anybody wants
to help us out let us know!  Look for our email at the bottom of this

Now here’s the cool stuff!
You can write us with questions, answers, photos, drawings,
pictures, ideas, whatever!  Our email is
skc @ loveshade.org
(ignore the spaces!).  That’s skc for
Shamlicht Kids Club!  Let us
know if you don’t want us to use what you send us on our site.  
We can’t promise we’ll use everything.  But we might use yours!
Shamina (Mina), mascot of Shamlicht Kids Club
Shamenis (Menis), Mascot of Shamlicht Kids Club
New things coming!

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