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Bluebeard’s Nest          Nest of Pink Vipers
Members of
Shamlicht Kids Club

Sung to the tune of "Shamlicht Boys*" by
Captain "Sesame Seed" Rogers

*Tune for each stanza, in 4/4 time in the key of C, is

E E G E E D D_
D D E F F E E_
E E G E E D D_
D D E D D C C_
This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons
2.5 License.
Shamlicht Kids Club is so cool,
Better than some Greyface school.
Come and see us girls and boys
Playing with each other’s toys.

Dolls and trucks and Calvinball,
Riding ponies through the mall.
Dancing, camping, catching ants,
Swimming in our underpants.

Cooking, painting, fiber arts,
Making music with our farts.
Join our club don't be a fool,
In Shamlicht Kids Club DISCORD RULES!
The second line was originally "Better than our stupid school."  
Unfortunately, the club got a little flack for that from parents, so
we changed it.. But our kids tend to still sing it the old way.