By Adam Newton, Banana Dance Press Writer
October 3, 2007 CE / 57 Bureaucracy 3173 YOLD

Captain "Sesame Seed" Rogers and Sister Hooter announced that they've merged
their Discordian youth groups Shamlicht Boys and Shamlicht Girls.

The new group, Shamlicht Kids Club, promotes personal freedom, individualism,
and the motto "Be Prepared for Anything."  Both clubs' previous motto was "Be
Protected from Everything."  Spokesperson Pope Hilde said the new motto is much
more useful, and "less subject to prosecution than keeping the kids locked in the
closet all day had been."

Rogers founded Shamlicht Boys in August of 2005, while Hooter founded
Shamlicht Girls in September of 2005.  But Hooter claimed to have the idea first, a
claim Rogers disputed.  They finally agreed to disagree, and the new club was
formed on October 3, 2007.  (This is in honor of Luna Wilson, daughter of Robert
Anton Wilson and Arlen Riley Wilson.  The 15-year-old Luna's murdered body was
discovered on Oct. 3, 1976).

Shamlicht Kids Club is for all sexes and all ages between X and Y.  Members can
chose their own uniform, and work for any of several merit badges, which include
Community Service, First Aid, Brain Surgery, Writing, Poetry, Punning, Bicycling,
Jockey, Jock Strap, Multiplication, Algebra, Training Bra, Estory, Gymnastics, Knot
Tying, Sewing, Wedgies, Science, Fnord, Music, Discord, Dancing, Animal
Husbandry, Animal Noises, Harbol Quest, Camping, Cooking, Chili Making,
Tooting, Toilet Papering, Babysitting, Child Proofing, Child Photography, Puberty,
Origami, Swimming, Diving, Sink, 1000 Blank White Cards, Painting, Artillery,
Scuba, Fiber Arts, Underwater Basket Weaving, Jumping, Jakes, Calvin Ball, and
Binky the WonderSkull Posers.

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Shamlicht Kids Club
Purple Ferret's Nest
On Saturday, November 24, 2007, Purple Ferret's Nest became the first nest
created after Shamlicht Kids Club formed on October 3, 2007.  (Shamlicht Girls
and Shamlicht Boys merged that day to become SKC.  The original girls' group
became known as Nest of Pink Vipers, and the boys' group as Bluebeard's Nest).

Our charter nestlings (members) were Koko Kitty, Rosey Tiger, Harry Monkey, Joe
Monkeyshines and Bumper Bunny.  Our first nestlers (leaders) were Minima and
Shamlicht AL.

We didn't have time to do too much in 2007, but did start our group, play some
games, and have a field trip to a small ranch.
Nest News