The Cast of
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia:
The Tales of Shamlicht +
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The Cast of
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia:
The Tales of Shamlicht
Illuminaughty Editor in Discharge,
Five Star Fish of the Show:
Reverend Loveshade, A.D., B.o.E., E.D., G.2.5.H.B., IPotA-KG, KSC, O.P., P.O., Pope,
                            c.l.k., l.s.d., m.a.c.e., p.a.p.s., p.h., u.s.o., w.e.t.
The Rest of the Cast So Far:
(who aren’t so annoyingly egotistical they insist their name goes first.
Listed in
Orderous Smagmoidous)
Alden Loveshade
, P.O.O.P.
Anonymous Lifeforms
Bellydancer Upyours
, u.s.o.
BloodStar, MIA
Brother Femtamoment
Brother Kob
Bumper Bunny
, p.f.n.
Captain “Sesame Seed” Rogers
C. S. Martin & Steve Lewis
Dr. Octopussy
, E.D.
Dr. Sinister Craven, M.U., O.P.
Fairy Princess Yoshikyoko, M.H., O.P.
Lani Lina Lian Lain, skc
Lewis Carroll
Miley Spears,
The Cast of
Xtra Stuff
See individual pages for details--there are now too many to list here!

If you'd like to become one of them, see
How to Submit!
See the books.
The Cast of
Principia Harmonia
Fairy Princess Yoshikyoko, M.H., p.a.p.s.
Princess Unicornia, M.H., d.u.h., p.a.p.s.
Max Flax Beeblewax
Miley Spears
Mythics of Harmonia
Nixie Nurita,
Nurse Eggscream
Reverend Loveshade
Sister Lorraine of Fairy Tree
, D.J., skc
Nurse Devine Stripling
Paco the Fruit Bat
Pope Higgins,
Professor Cramulus, O.M.G.A.S.M., O.P.
Professor Mu-Chao, 23ae, O.P.
Max Flax Beeblewax
Mythics of Harmonia
Nixie Nurita, D.J.
Nurse Devine Stripling
Rev. DrJon Swabey
Saint The Mary,
Sister Hooter
Sister Lorraine of Fairy Tree,
D.J., skc
Sparky Newberg, skc
TawTew the Naturally Perfumed
Untroubled Teen,
Zeus, O.P., P.O.
And assorted other flavors

(Your Name Here--we want more art contributions!)
Also Starring:
Editorial Asst/Groupie:     A. L.
Princess Unicornia, D.A.P., O.P., d.u.h., p.a.p.s.
This isn't how it will appear in
the book
Discordia: The Tales of
Shamlicht, but gives you some
idea of our contributors.
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