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Sorry, but as we aren't recognized by any
government outside of Fnordia, you can't declare
your donations as tax deductible.

The $100,000 bills in the wallpaper are not
legally valid anywhere outside of Fnordian.  Do
not try to pass them off as legal currency
anywhere else.  But feel free to copy and print a
few to bury in your backyard.  Unless of course it's
illegal in your area to bury fake money.
REASON 1:  This site costs us money!  Yes, you might know that in a free country, nothing is free.  It costs
money to get this site hosted; money to keep our domain name; money to keep our Internet connection; money
to shoot and process photos and create images to add to the site; money for security systems to keep The
Agents of Greyface from messing with our work; money to upgrade or replace computers to work on this site;
money for the programs needed to create and improve this site; money to bribe Corrupt Government Officials
to keep us out of confinement so we can keep this whole thing going.  
(Bribe: money the government demands
you pay them because they create and enforce self-serving laws)

REASON 2: Our legal fees cost us lots of money!  We were investigated by over a dozen agencies including
the American Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency (FBI and CIA).  We were
investigated for, charged with or threatened with, over a dozen offenses including several felonies.  Three of us
were arrested; one of our friends was kept in solitary confinement for months.  We got help (and some
not-so-much-help) from several attorneys, a couple former government investigators, and others.  Some were
kind enough to help us for free, but much of this cost us lots of money, not to mention that some of us had to
go into hiding and lost jobs, income, etc.  After over five years of this,
all charges were dismissed or never
formerly brought against us (
except for one charge, possession of marijuana).  More than one of us was
reduced to poverty, and several of us are still trying to return to somewhat-normal lives (not that our lives were
ever all that normal).  For more details, see
Adam Newton's Interview, especially the Third Part.

REASON 3: You can support Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and other Abominations!  
Unfortunately, the revolutions that began throughout much of the world over 200 years ago need to be
re-fought.  Freedom is a constant struggle, demanding dedication, vigilance, and maybe a Mindfuck or Jake or
Cultural Jam or bit of Poetic Terrorism or two.  We're doing our small but very important part in a very big
world.  If just 1/5 of the people in the world did their own small part, victory would be ours!  (That's because
most people will do nothing.)

REASON 4: You can be a part of this madness!  No, we don't mean being arrested and all that other bad
stuff.  Remember, with one exception (inhale), all charges were never formally brought or were dismissed.  
We're actually relatively safe now because they've already investigated virtually everything we've ever done!  
Mind you, it's boring being totally safe, but relatively safe isn't so bad.

REASON 5: IT REALLY PISSED OFF THE AGENTS OF GREYFACE! (and Pinks, Muggles and others who want
to force you to conform to
their ideals)
Five Reasons Why You Might Want to be a Part of the Madness!
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