Full featured double rainbow photo taken in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska by Eric Rolph
Emily Irene Sander was born Feb. 26, 1989 in Olathe, Kansas.  We know little about her early childhood,
as her friend and ours Perlie the Pony Girl didn't know her back then.  But they did sometimes talk about
their lives as little girls.  For both of them, those days weren't very far away.

As a young girl, Emily liked play acting, pretending to be different characters.  She told Perlie that one of
these was Dorothy, the girl who traveled to the magical land of Oz.  Like the Kansas girl in L. Frank Baum's
series of Oz books
, Emily easily made friends, even with total strangers.  Tragically, this may have led to her

Emily was outgoing and liked to have fun.  She bubbled with energy, and was well liked.  Like Dorothy in the
1939 movie
The Wizard of Oz who dreamed of going "somewhere over the rainbow," Emily dreamed big
dreams.  She wanted to have a body piercing studio or become a music video director.  Or both.  And those
were just a beginning, before she moved on to acting in and directing movies.  Her enthusiasm, creative spirit
and zeal for life were obvious.

While not as obvious, Emily also had a practical side.  At age 17, the Kansas girl began attending community
college to study business.  During the day, she worked as a secretary to earn money.  Her head may have
been in the clouds, but her feet were on the ground.  Even if they were dancing.

She also made a little money posing sans clothing, which unfortunately became an overwhelming part of her
news coverage, especially in the headlines.  Before the connection was made between college coed Emily
Sander and nude model Zoey Zane, the stories of her case were from news sources inside of Kansas--the
"missing girl story" was largely local.  But as often happens in America when the phrases "nude model" or
"naked teen" or "teenage porn star" are thrown about, everything boiled over.

Unfortunately, Emily Sander will likely be remembered by the public as the teen nude model, or even the teen
porno model, who died young.  But as far as we know, Zoey didn't pose in any sexually explicit photos with
anyone (not that we'd have a problem with that), although some of her solo shots were suggestive.  But that
too was a part of her expressing herself, of being free, and of sharing with others.  Those who have seen her
modeling photos have seen a sense of playful fun, of life, and even of dance.

Ironically, under her model name of Zoey Zane, Emily posed in a costume reminiscent of one of the friends of
Dorothy, the Tin Man.  It's ironic because the costume apparently wasn't Emily's idea.  But her modeling
name may have been--the first two letters of "Zoey" are "Oz" spelled backwards.  In any case, she made it all
work.  She grew up her little girl roleplaying into her adult modeling, easily switching from Tin Man to Cow Girl
to Secretary to Princess.

Emily was physically affectionate with her family and friends, and outgoing and friendly with new people.  She
loved hip-hop dancing, and saw life as a chance to have fun, and share that fun with others.  She seemed to
enjoy life the most when helping others enjoy life too.

While we can't verify that Emily was a
Discordian, she was aware of the humorous religion through Perlie.  
She accepted Perlie's idea that one of her tattoos was Discordian.  A fan of body piercings and tattoos, Emily
had a tattoo on the right side of her belly of a large five pointed star with five little stars following it.  The
number 5 is, as any Discordian would know, one of the most important of Discordian numbers.  It could also
be a symbol of a star who brought others along for the ride.

But Emily's stint as a model, a star, was a very small part of her life.  To her friends, Emily will be remembered
as a vivacious, friendly, lovable, creative girl with a bright mind and a ready smile who, like Dorothy, wasn't
afraid to dream big dreams.
The Zoey Zane website has been sold,
and now has nothing to do with her, so
we aren't listing the link.  The man Emily
was last seen with, Israel Mireles, was
arrested in Mexico and taken to the
United States. He was convicted on 12
February 2010 of rape and capital
murder.  On 31 March 2010, he was
given life in prison with no possibility of
parole.  Ironically, on that same date,
Zoey Zane was declared a Discordian
saint.  Emily Sander had previously
been named a Discordian American
Princess.  Ironically, the DAPs Matron
Saint Luna Wilson was murdered when
she was 15.
You can learn details about the
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Emily Sander:
Over the Rainbow
Born:  26 Feb. 1989
Over the Rainbow:  24 Nov. 2007
Emily Irene Sander
Emily Irene Sander
Emily Sander
"Flowers for Zoey"
Zoe Zane says light a candle for Emily Sander
Flowers and rainbows were important to Emily.  The song  posted by
botw989 includes the rainbow theme that Emily's friend Perlie the
Pony Girl brought out in this tribute page.  The video includes
images from some of Zoey Zane's photo shoots.
The technical quality of the images in this tribute many not be of the highest quality, but what's
expressed makes up for it.
RIP Emily Sander(s) aka Zoey Zane
This video is included mostly for estorical purposes.  Zoe Zane, who
might have been the namesake of Zoey Zane, encouraged people
to light a candle for Emily until her killer was found.
Silent Tribute to Emily Sander/Zoey Zane
This silent video shows Emily's MySpace page, a photo of her with boyfriend Mike (who apparently
broke up with her after he learned of her modeling), and some shots of her modeling alone and with
other girls.
Emily Sander/
Zoey Zane
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Grandbob (Robert Anton Wilson),
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