The nature of Easter has changed over the past few decades in America.  In the 1950s and 1960s,
    communities would elicit volunteers who would hide dyed hardboiled chicken eggs in public parks.  
    Meanwhile, parents all across America hid colored hardboiled eggs in their backyards.  These eggs
    supposedly were laid by the Easter Bunny (remember, in those days children also believed a stork
    brought babies).  Children would then delight in trying to find as many of the colored eggs as possible.  
    No one knew why, as most of those children weren't too keen on eating a bunch of hardboiled
    underdeveloped chicken embryos.  Besides, many of those eggs had cracked shells, and were often
    covered with dirt, ants and dog pee.  Great stuff for kids, huh?

    In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, things changed.  Some Christian groups started calling the
    holiday "Resurrection Sunday" instead of Easter.  This is because they finally learned that Easter, or
    Ostara, is a pagan goddess.  So now these groups have renamed the holiday after the pagan sun god.

    An increasing concern for what children were eating led to another change.  It became more popular to
    hide colored plastic eggs that had stuff in them kids really wanted to eat.  This drive for proper nutrition
    meant that, instead of encouraging the kids to eat protein-rich eggs, they would instead fill up on fat- and
    sugar-laden candy.

    But Discordians took the whole putting-things-in-plastic-eggs tradition to a whole new level...
EggGASM/Erister Egg Hunt/Discordian Egg Hunt (Golden Kallisti egg posted elsewhere by Professor Cramulus)
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The Post that Started the Movement
this posting is what everyone thought started this idea until Spagnaut straightened us out
Wednesday, 12 March 2008 22:12:21
    Dear Popes and Momes,

    I am planning a random Easter Egg hunt in my local town park...No, the locals don't know they will be
    attending it.

    Any ideas for various random articles to place inside plastic eggs? I have had the suggestion to put real
    hard-boiled ones inside, but I don't want to kill any vagrants.

    Pinky McFatfat, High Shamrock Shake (Dublin)

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    originally at  (Professor Cramulus and 23ae peeps)
One Little Suggestion
I would like to remind egg-fillers that most of these eggs will be found by impressionable young children.  
Unless of course you put them in places where only teens or adults are likely to find them....  
-- R. L.
As a Discordian, what can you
do to show proper respect for
the next Easter/Erister and
how can you become the
Erisian Bunny?  See below!
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"GASM stands for
Golden Apple Seed
Mission. GASMs are
part of project
Operation: Mindfuck,
therefore the whole
project is called
Illuminaughty seal of approval
Have a
Easter Egg Hunt!
"Dane Cook's: Egg Gasm!

Submitted by Brian McGuinness on August 22, 2007 at 5:49 PM"
    'One Easter, the Sacred Chao Ranch Cabal hid plastic Easter eggs all over the mall, supermarkets,
    museums, churches, etc. that had enlightening fortunes trapped inside. The fortunes were along the
    lines of “This is an unfertilized egg”, “The PA lottery number for 5-23-97 will be 17-32-5”, “You picked the
    10 of Clubs”, “25 cents off of LUCKY CHARMS”, and “You are pregnant (replace egg if you are a man)”.'

    -- Apocrypha Discordia, 2nd edition (from The Discordian Manifesto #3 by Professor Mu-Chao and other peeps).

    But according to the Professor, this was derived from the post at www.fortunecity.
    com/tattooine/vonnegut/42/egg.html by the Sacred Chao Ranch Cabal.  They called their effort
    "OPERATION MINDFUCK:  Erisian Bunny."
The True Origin
at least it's mostly true, at least in some sense
    As Easter was to arrive a scant 11 days later on 23 March 2008, the chances of this idea being picked
    up seemed very slim. What were the odds that a single post laid on a relatively small forum would
    germinate a wide-spread move in a week and a half?

    But it happened. The forum was small, but some creative and active Discordians were among its peeps.  
    Almost immediately, the Mythics of Harmonia adopted the idea as Erister Egg Hunt. At the same time,
    Professor Cramulus snatched the idea as EggGASM, making it a part of OMGASM (Operation Mindfuck:
    Golden Apple Seed Mission). Other groups joined the egg hatching, including Shamlicht Kids Club and
    our own D & D of the ECG.
Erister Egg Hunt / EggGASM
Could an idea catch on when there was only a week and a half left to do it in?
    Well, I have loosed my eggs upon the world.

    I bought 24 plastic eggs, and destroyed the one by stepping on it while shouting "Kallisti!".

    One of the things I decided on was to combine my Chaos Magik practice with the 'release'. I tried to
    imbue as much Octarine with each object as possible. I also went with the idea that children are probably
    going to find said eggs, so why not really make them worth their while? So, I scavanged my drawers and
    jewelry boxes for the best 'booty' possible. I am hoping that they will be able to pick up the Octarine and
    the objects will come to be special signifiers.

    Among the flotsam released:
    * a single sapphire earring
    * a 18k cuff link
    * pebbles from Normany beach in France
    * my dad's Purple Heart
    * a cameo
    * bottle caps from New Orleans
    * a sterling turtle ring
    * Pennsylvanian Era fossils
    * 18th cent. Dutch buttons
    * several handfuls of foreign coins

    I'm saving the more random stuff for a pagan festival I'll be attending in spring, since that's a grown up

    originally at (Pinky McFatfat plus more ideas in comments, some
    Reverend Loveshade - We hid plastic eggs in a public park. They each contained a small toy, and
    also an appropriate quote from either Principia Discordia, Apocrypha Discordia, Book of Eris, Principia
    Harmonia, The Shamlicht Kids Club Handbook, the appendix to the Steve Jackson Games edition of
    Principia Discordia, or Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht. These quotes were all safe for
    young children, although not necessarily safe for their parents.
    3/23/2008 8:21:44 AM

    Purple Ferret's Nest, which is a nest of the Shamlicht Kids Club, hid eggs to be found at a Pagan spring
    equinox/Ostara ceremony. They contained various goodies and quotes, and I'm told were accepted and
    appreciated by the attending Pagans. Even so, it was worth doing.
    3/23/2008 8:24:42 AM

    Princess Unicornia - This is what happened on Friday March 21.

    Ok I have to tell u what Nurse Eggscream, Fairy Princess Yoshikyoko and I did. We hid plastic Easter
    eggs but not like u think! We did it as Mythics of Harmonia so they were Erister Eggs! lol

    We didnt hide them where kids could find them we hid them at my college. Of course Eggscream goes
    there too. Eggscream and I r both through with finals but poor Yoshi still has to study! She doesnt have
    spring break til later which sucks.

    We didnt have to worry about kids finding the eggs so we put different quotes in them and a lot of totally
    weird stuff! We folded up this crazy term paper we found on the Internet in one of them it was all mixed
    up. I dont even know what it was talking about! We put chocolate eggs in some of them but this u wont
    believe. In some we put little candy penises and a little balloon to use as a condom! LMAO

    We put a lost and found in one egg that said "I lost my mind have you seen it?"

    And in one egg Eggscream put in a pair of her panties! I was like Eggscream theres no way ull get
    panties in one of those little eggs but she did it! It was a thong bikini panty so it was small. It was black
    which is a perfect Easter color! lol

    Tomorrow Eggscream and I r going to a nude beach. I hope Yoshi can go too!
    4/5/2008 10:37:48 AM
Foot Note 1:
Nurse Eggscream is the official Erister Egg layer. The nurse really
can lay eggs via the most appropriate female body part for laying.
Foot Note 2:
Erister Egg Hunt entry on Urban Dictionary.

You can see it and even vote for it (if you want) at egg hunt
Foot Note 3:
FOR 2010!
Erister Egg Hunt entry on Black Iron Prison.

(No, we didn't steal from them.  They stole from us.  Good.)
Foot Note 4:
The RAW Bidwell Cabal hid 250 eggs in 2009, and hoped to hide
1,000 in 2010.  Did they make their goal? Check out their site and
Foot Note 5:
Erister Egg
Hunt/EggGASM is
featured in issue 7 of
Intermittens: The
Magazine for
Discordian Spags