Holy Name

In keeping with the spirit of Discord, the following Holy Name Generator is completely random (except that titles such as Pope and Reverend will almost always come first). Because of this, some of the names given will not make sense - the adjectives, verbs and nouns all come out of the same bin and are inserted any which way. We could fix it, but we got some surprisingly hilarious results this way and so be prepared for a couple discards. Also, look at the names closely and see if maybe a quick modification would improve upon them. Three words per name seems to work best. If you save this page to your computer, it should still work - all of the code is javascript and is embedded into the page.

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We ripped off and remade Professor Mu-Chao's HNG
23 Apples of Eris
The wallpaper is by Alden Loveshade
and  is licensed under a
Creative Commons
2.5 License.  We believe Professor Mu-Chao
released the random-name generating program
into the Public Domain, but check with the good
professor first.
Many of our titles are the
same as the original
Discordian holy name
generator, but we've changed
most of the other words.  We
nothing to do with the
original programming--this is a
complete ripoff of what's on
23ae.com.  So check out the
different versions--or make
your own ripoff!
This is the Discordian holy name
generator. Or you could call it the Erisian
Holy Name Generator. Or even the Churhc
of teh SubGenius unholy name genertor.
We also have a Discordian American
Princess name generator..