The Illuminati:
Protecting You
Since 2020 CE
Ek-sen-trik Discordian

We started regularly posting our Snooze Letters* in 2006 (3172), but we do
have a few samples from 2004 (3170).  You can learn about our
controversial book
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht; our
continuing battles with the authorities (who seized portions of our book and
arrested some of us); our wacky members; what other Discordians are up
to; and lots of other fun stuff.

You can submit info for a future Snooze Letter or subscribe by sending us
an email with the subject ADD ME.  If you want to remain unilluminated and
remove yourself from our emailing list,  send an email with the subject
UNSUBSCRIBE.  Our email address is listed at our
homepage, so go there,
dudes and dudettes.

*for those reading this in a version translated from English, the English word for
"Snooze" rhymes with "News."  Isn't that clever?
This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons
2.5 License.
While we created the wallpaper, it is released into
the public domain.
2007 CE
3173 YOLD
2006 CE
3172 YOLD
2004 CE
3170 YOLD
This is the year that wasn't--please move along.
2005 CE
3171 YOLD
2008 CE
3174 YOLD
2009 CE
3175 YOLD
If you want to submit
something for a Snooze
Letter, remember to tell us
who, what, where, when, why
and how.

(Who's doing it and who's it
for; what is it; where was it or
will it be; when did it happen
or will happen; why is it
happening; and how is it

Understand if we accept your
announcement it may be
edited.  But it will be sent to a
few hundred people, and
could be seen by any of the
thousands who visit our
website each month.
2010 CE
3176 YOLD
2011 CE
3177 YOLD
If you want to
submit info
subscribe for free,
see below and to
your right!
2012 CE
3178 YOLD
2013 CE
3179 YOLD
2014 CE
3180 YOLD