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The Myth of Starbuck
(The Myth of Ichabod)

From Principia Discordia, First Edition
and Summa Universalia
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"The Myth of Ichabod" appeared in the once virtually unfindable
Principia Discordia, First Edition, and in the still unfindable Summa
.  It is very closely related to "Starbuck's Pebbles" found
on page 54 of the easily findable
Principia Discordia, Fourth
.   In a 1979 interview that appeared in the afterword to the
Loompanics printing of the fourth edition, Greg Hill called this story
"The Myth of Starbuck."  Hill regretted that it hadn't been used in
the widely available
Principia.  We are pleased to present it here,
courtesy of it being made available for us by the family of Greg Hill
and by the work of Rev. DrJon Swabey.

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