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The Wedding
cuteleaderjester*, apparently_a_pseudonym, danacasso, razmear
(*cuteleaderjester is The Mary, later Saint The Mary)

(as transcribed from the original ceremony held in Pig Latin by
Reverend Loveshade,
Episkopos of the Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild)
(note that smileys are currently missing which explains some of the blanks in here.
Anyone who has seen them please report so we can put them back in.)



runningdeer_12000: lol

danacasso: hey joe where you gonna go?

runningdeer_12000: Is anyone having problems with the mic tonight or this morning?

reverend_loveshade: Greetings all.

razmear: doesnt use a mic

runningdeer_12000: Hi rev

razmear: howdy rev

cuteleaderjester: Greetings Love


rptim1959 left the room

danacasso: hi*hiccupuuurp*rev

runningdeer_12000: Howdy raz

razmear: should we do this before apparently wakes up

runningdeer_12000: Howdy everyone!

reverend_loveshade: Uh, is everybody here who's supposed to be here?

cuteleaderjester: i dunno lol

danacasso: here rev hhhaavve a li'l sump'n to wte y'r whis'l bef'r th' c'rmony?

greymist08: sorta... "We're all here because we're not all there"...

runningdeer_12000: Well I just walked in. Is this ok or should I go

danacasso: *hic*

reverend_loveshade: Ok, danaccasso

reverend_loveshade: stay running dear.

danacasso: *urp*

reverend_loveshade: I need some assistants.

runningdeer_12000: Oh ok

reverend_loveshade: I need a cup bearer

danacasso: i'll help *hic*

reverend_loveshade: and a bread giver

danacasso: i get th' cup

reverend_loveshade: No, danacasso, you're the bride!

runningdeer_12000: well ok

reverend_loveshade: ?Or something.

cuteleaderjester: lol

razmear: thought you were gonna be one of the victims, dano

reverend_loveshade: I need a non-getting married cup baerer,

greymist08: i'll bear the bread here...

reverend_loveshade: and the same for the bread bearer

reverend_loveshade: Ok greymist.

danacasso: *staggers up to razmear and grins in his face*


reverend_loveshade: We need a cup bearer. Not danacasso.

runningdeer_12000: and who or what shall I be?

reverend_loveshade: running you can be the cupbearer

razmear: no dano, im not gonna marry you

greymist08: *looks at the bread and turns it into asiago cheese bread.

reverend_loveshade: Ok, so who's marrying who?

danacasso: *hiccup*

reverend_loveshade: Greymist the bread is really donuts.

razmear: me, and the cheeese_thief

runningdeer_12000: Ok well I'll be anuything you want me to be and I'll stop right

reverend_loveshade: Ok runningdeer is cupbearer. Good.

runningdeer_12000: lol!greymist

danacasso: wersh ap'ren'tly

runningdeer_12000: before I get myself in trouble

reverend_loveshade: Ok, so who alls getting married? I need a list.

razmear: ME

greymist08: not anymore

cuteleaderjester: me

runningdeer_12000: mass wedding?

reverend_loveshade: sure

razmear: Razmear, Deacon of the Erisian Way is the official title

reverend_loveshade: ok

reverend_loveshade: so razmear and cuteleaderjester. Who else?

danacasso: pissoodo?

razmear: i think app passed out

apparently_a_pseudonym left the room

cuteleaderjester: he was kicked

danacasso: oh*hic*

reverend_loveshade: invite him back

reverend_loveshade: unless you kicked him

cuteleaderjester: i did

cuteleaderjester: i cant kick people

reverend_loveshade: danacasso you getting married?

runningdeer_12000: <<

danacasso: shure*burp*

razmear: dano, marry ms. deer

cuteleaderjester: someone else invite apparently it wont work

reverend_loveshade: ok, raz and dan are both marrying cute, correct?

greymist08: i'll just wait till after they get done to do it...

runningdeer_12000: a threesome! hmm!!!!!!! Now that's interesting! j/k

greymist08: how's that?

razmear: did the invite thingy

greymist08: how's that?

danacasso: *passes out*

reverend_loveshade: ok, so apparently is invited, right?

greymist08: there

greymist08: much better...

razmear sings a song for cuteleaderjester


danacasso: *passes through the floor*

runningdeer_12000: I would've loved to been at Solomons wedding when he married
all those women

razmear uses power of levitation to raise danacasso

danacasso: * comes back completely sober*

runningdeer_12000: Now that's better

danacasso: whoa

reverend_loveshade: ok nice spell

danacasso: erisians are scary

razmear: yip yip, fnord

greymist08: i can bear the bread, and be in the ceremony...

greymist08: so i will

reverend_loveshade: Ok. So is apparently coming?


razmear: dunno

runningdeer_12000: lol

cuteleaderjester: he cant get back in lol

reverend_loveshade: how can we invite him?

razmear: must have cold feet

razmear: i did the invite thingy

greymist08: yahoo is schitzy at the moment...

danacasso: can't he get in through the yahoo chats like i did?

razmear: moment???

reverend_loveshade: Mary can you talk to apparently?

cuteleaderjester: yeah

reverend_loveshade: What can we do to get him in?

cuteleaderjester: i dunno

reverend_loveshade: Am I still here?

razmear: nope

cuteleaderjester: probably

razmear chuckles in amusement

danacasso: yes but on an alternate plane of reality

reverend_loveshade: Ok, what if Mary begins another room, then tries inviting
everybody in this one.

razmear: hmmm, sounds complex

runningdeer_12000: who is it that can't get in?

reverend_loveshade: apparently_a_pseudonym

runningdeer_12000: Ok

runningdeer_12000: Yes I kind of had a little bit of a problem getting here myself

reverend_loveshade: Mary asks apparently if he still wants to get married

cuteleaderjester: i do?

razmear: i think hes just got cold feet

reverend_loveshade: Mary are you marrying apparently?

our_lady_of_insipid_chat joined the room

razmear: marry me mary sweetie

reverend_loveshade: ask not asks. Sorry.

reverend_loveshade: Ok, why don't I begin this ceremony, then I can do another one

danacasso: i was going to say how did you know

cuteleaderjester: lol

apparently_a_pseudonym joined the room

mshoneylicious2000 joined the room

razmear chuckes at apparently_a_pseudonym

apparently_a_pseudonym: geeze

reverend_loveshade: All right apparently is here!

runningdeer_12000: He's back

cuteleaderjester: hehe

apparently_a_pseudonym: Mang

reverend_loveshade: apparently are you marrying mary merrily?

runningdeer_12000: lol

apparently_a_pseudonym: Yes, quite merrily

our_lady_of_insipid_chat left the room


danacasso: hooboy he's getting alliterative again

apparently_a_pseudonym: I am dressed right now as Santa Claus

cuteleaderjester: hehehehehe

reverend_loveshade: Ok, are we ready to begin?

razmear: im wearing my cat legwarmers

reverend_loveshade: cute marrying raz dan and apparently.

danacasso: yes

mshoneylicious2000 left the room

runningdeer_12000: and the curtain rises

apparently_a_pseudonym: What?

apparently_a_pseudonym: I thought she was just marrying me!

greymist08: i have the bread, and some cheese...

reverend_loveshade: Ready everyone?

reverend_loveshade: No, group wedding.

reverend_loveshade: Cheaper rate.

apparently_a_pseudonym: Awww

cuteleaderjester: lol

reverend_loveshade: Are we ready?

razmear: is

cuteleaderjester: yeah

apparently_a_pseudonym: I guess so
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The Wedding of The Mary,
danacasso & razmear
17 and 18 November 2001
A Discordian Wedding
as performed by Reverend Loveshade
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