From the original online

Apocrypha Discordia

as presented by BloodStar

The Wedding
cuteleaderjester*, apparently_a_pseudonym, danacasso, razmear
(*cuteleaderjester is The Mary, later Saint The Mary)

(as transcribed from the original ceremony held in Pig Latin by
Reverend Loveshade,
Episkopos of the Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild)
apparently_a_pseudonym: I'm sure you and tutti could make a nice couple

runningdeer_12000: hehrhehe

razmear: is a double goat converted from a monkey/puddle

greymist08: really.... wanna bet?

tuttidurrutti: what would we make them out of?

apparently_a_pseudonym: tutti, buy him a drink

razmear grabs cuteleaderjester and dances around the room

cuteleaderjester: hehe

reverend_loveshade: Hey, I get to dance with the bride too!

reverend_loveshade: When you're through.

razmear grabs reverend_loveshade and dances around the room

reverend_loveshade: Wheee!

cuteleaderjester: lol

runningdeer_12000: lol

cuteleaderjester grabs reverend_loveshade and dances around the room

apparently_a_pseudonym: howyoudothat?

reverend_loveshade: Oh baby!


razmear: k everyone dance with the person above

razmear grabs neauxsaint and dances around the room

apparently_a_pseudonym: /dance cuteleaderjester

apparently_a_pseudonym: poop

reverend_loveshade: I think it's emote. It's like a !

neauxsaint busts a move

apparently_a_pseudonym: I dunno how

runningdeer_12000: Now TAHT'S interesting!

apparently_a_pseudonym busts a move

razmear: hit the big !

razmear grabs apparently_a_pseudonym and dances around the room

tuttidurrutti: i learned to dance in a mosh pit

greymist08 Passes the 'Frop around.

apparently_a_pseudonym grabs cuteleaderjester and dances around the room

cuteleaderjester: hehe

cuteleaderjester grabs apparently_a_pseudonym and dances around the room

tuttidurrutti: it gets kinda dangerous in a crowd

razmear grabs danacasso and dances around the room

reverend_loveshade gives everyone a big hug

runningdeer_12000: That means that we all hold hands and dance in a circle to do

reverend_loveshade: Cool

greymist08 grabs cuteleaderjester and dances around the room

razmear grabs runningdeer_12000 and dances around the room

danacasso: *falls flat on his ass and brings raz with him

razmear faints

greymist08: hmmm... that was fun...

apparently_a_pseudonym: /emote stuff

razmear has fallen and can't get up

apparently_a_pseudonym: dang

cuteleaderjester gives reverend_loveshade a big hug

apparently_a_pseudonym: How you do custom emote?

razmear: gotta edit the emote.dat file

greymist08: that's a little hard...

runningdeer_12000: <<<< does the lil deer dance

reverend_loveshade gives everyone a big hug

cuteleaderjester gives neauxsaint a big hug

greymist08: but real fun...

apparently_a_pseudonym: hmm sounds like work

razmear: yip yip

reverend_loveshade: How do you custom emote?

neauxsaint gives everyone a big hug

reverend_loveshade gives cuteleaderjester a big hug

razmear: see ^

greymist08 Thumps %s with his personal Discordia.

reverend_loveshade: Hey, I did it!

runningdeer_12000: I understand there is a webpage that tells you how to do all that

reverend_loveshade: All by myself!

greymist08 Thumps %s with his personal Discordia.

runningdeer_12000: not sure

greymist08: hmmm... gotta fix that one...

greymist08 Thumps %s with his personal Discordia.

runningdeer_12000: <<<<<<<but this how I custom emote

razmear: its pretty simple, just read the emotes.dat file

reverend_loveshade: Click on the ! Then click on the emotion you want then click on
the person then click on Emote User

danacasso: squeezes cuteleaderjester til she squeals*

cuteleaderjester: EeP!

reverend_loveshade: Wow!

apparently_a_pseudonym ponders the meaning of life

cuteleaderjester: LoVeYoU!

apparently_a_pseudonym pokes cuteleaderjester in the chest

reverend_loveshade: All right no spousal abuse.

razmear: wheres the hunnymoon, CuteiePi?

runningdeer_12000: There is another way to custom emote too but Idon't know just
how to do that yet

neauxsaint flirts with cuteleaderjester

cuteleaderjester crashes into apparently_a_pseudonym

greymist08 Passes the 'Frop around.

cuteleaderjester: hehe

apparently_a_pseudonym: *falls down*

tuttidurrutti washes and folds the laundry

reverend_loveshade: I've got some hidden cameras for the honeymoon site.

tuttidurrutti ducks down to hide from reverend_loveshade

cuteleaderjester flirts with neauxsaint

tuttidurrutti: hmm

reverend_loveshade: Say, where's tutti?

razmear sings, "Tell me what you want, what you really, really want"

apparently_a_pseudonym: Doin laundry

tuttidurrutti hiccups and then searches for a glass of water

runningdeer_12000 screams, "They killed kenny!"

greymist08: /breaks a CD with that song on it.

tuttidurrutti screams at reverend_loveshade

reverend_loveshade: Not so LOUD!

tuttidurrutti screams at tuttidurrutti

reverend_loveshade grabs reverend_loveshade and dances around the room

cuteleaderjester: no screaming St. Durrutti

danacasso: TPs the honeymoon car

runningdeer_12000 Hey room you can create custom emotions by editing the
emote_user.dat file

reverend_loveshade grabs reverend_loveshade and dances around the room

apparently_a_pseudonym: how you do that?

reverend_loveshade: How?

tuttidurrutti mumbles while looking at cuteleaderjester

razmear: amid the confusion runs and grabs mary and heads off to the hunnymoon
site without the other grroms

tuttidurrutti laughs at apparently_a_pseudonym

cuteleaderjester: hehe

tuttidurrutti washes and folds the laundry

tuttidurrutti: hey

runningdeer_12000: Well I'm not sure

runningdeer_12000: lol

greymist08 Passes the 'Frop around.

greymist08 Passes the 'Frop around.

greymist08 Passes the 'Frop around.

greymist08 Passes the 'Frop around.

tuttidurrutti: you can only fold laundry

greymist08 Passes the 'Frop around.

tuttidurrutti: not another person

danacasso: is waiting for razmear with a can of shacing cream

reverend_loveshade: But you can wash another person.

reverend_loveshade: I love shacing cream.

tuttidurrutti falls down near tuttidurrutti

apparently_a_pseudonym washes and folds the laundry

cuteleaderjester: lol

reverend_loveshade: Great when you want to shace.

tuttidurrutti Hey tuttidurrutti you can create custom emotions by editing the
emote_user.dat file

danacasso: shaving

tuttidurrutti: heh

reverend_loveshade: How about whipped cream?

runningdeer_12000: lol

reverend_loveshade: Great for parties.

greymist08 Passes the 'Frop around.

runningdeer_12000 busts a move

reverend_loveshade: Nudge nudge know what I mean say no more say no more!

tuttidurrutti turns away from tuttidurrutti and blushes

tuttidurrutti: oops

tuttidurrutti turns away from reverend_loveshade and blushes

reverend_loveshade: Oh, hey, I recorded the wedding!

danacasso: uh huh

reverend_loveshade: Don't blush.

danacasso: ulp

tuttidurrutti: uh oh

reverend_loveshade: Want to hear part of it?

tuttidurrutti: it's all on tape?

razmear: joy joy joy

danacasso: eep

apparently_a_pseudonym: *teleports to the honeymoon site, grabs the mary, and
teleports with the mary back to the reception*

danacasso: better ask the bride

razmear: <must sleep, 'rents are in town and i gotta amuse them in the morning

reverend_loveshade: reverend_loveshade: Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here in
the site of Goddess and/or God and/or Binky the WonderSkull

tuttidurrutti: or you can just type ditto

reverend_loveshade: Ok, stop repeating.

razmear: all eat burgers that drip and get all over the place.

cuteleaderjester: all eat burgers that dripprozac_1_3_6_9 joined the room

reverend_loveshade: Those were some highlights.

tuttidurrutti: nts are in town and i gotta amuse them in the morning

reverend_loveshade: reverend_loveshade: Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here in
the site of Goddess and/or God and/or Binky the WonderSkull

tuttidurrutti: or you can just type ditto

reverend_loveshade: Ok, stop repeating.

razmear: all eat burgers that drip and get all over the place.

cuteleaderjester: all eat b

reverend_loveshade: All right! Goodnight to those who are going!

reverend_loveshade: Copies of the wedding are on sale!

runningdeer_12000: lol

danacasso: how do you copy a wedding

greymist08 Passes the 'Frop around.

runningdeer_12000: copy & paste

danacasso: yah but a wedding?

greymist08: the smoke's getting pretty thick...

reverend_loveshade: I'm a reverend. I work miracles.

tuttidurrutti: smoke?

tuttidurrutti: who's holding out?

reverend_loveshade: I can walk down the street and turn into a bar.

reverend_loveshade: Magic!

runningdeer_12000: yeah! isn't that wonderful?

apparently_a_pseudonym chuckes at cuteleaderjester

apparently_a_pseudonym considers cuteleaderjester for advice

danacasso: chuckes?

runningdeer_12000: ok rev lol

reverend_loveshade: I'm going to post a report on the wedding.

runningdeer_12000: Poof!!!!!!!!!!!

cuteleaderjester: lol

danacasso: where?

prozac_1_3_6_9 left the room

reverend_loveshade: My prozac's gone! I'm going CrAzY!

cuteleaderjester: want some of mine?

runningdeer_12000: lol

reverend_loveshade: Give me something to drink!

reverend_loveshade: Ok, cute. I'll take some of yours.

runningdeer_12000: <<<<<<<<shouuld've taken some before the wedding

cuteleaderjester: *gives love some of her prozac*

apparently_a_pseudonym: Here, add a nice maoi to you ssri...

reverend_loveshade: If you aren't already a member of join. Wedding results will be
posted there.

reverend_loveshade: Thank you cute!

cuteleaderjester: lol

cuteleaderjester: have you seen uncle cowboy lately??

reverend_loveshade: No! I wasn't peeking through the window!

reverend_loveshade: It wasn't me, honest!

cuteleaderjester: huh lol

apparently_a_pseudonym: *gives loveshade some harmaline*

reverend_loveshade: Thanks.

reverend_loveshade: *Consumes harmaline*

reverend_loveshade: By the way, what is harmaline?

apparently_a_pseudonym: Maois and ssris

apparently_a_pseudonym: A great combo

cuteleaderjester: uhm... have you seen psychedeliccowboy lately?

apparently_a_pseudonym: A monoxamine Oxidase Inhibitor

tuttidurrutti: seen him post, not on messenger

reverend_loveshade: Apparently like bacon and fatty acids.

apparently_a_pseudonym: I do!

cuteleaderjester: aww

apparently_a_pseudonym: bacon is good!

reverend_loveshade: I haven't seen the cowboy today.


apparently_a_pseudonym: How is the cowboy?

apparently_a_pseudonym: I haven't been to IIS in a month of sundays

cuteleaderjester: lol

reverend_loveshade: Apparently, you need to go there!

cuteleaderjester: i think last time i talked to him... i had an actual conversation with
him and scared him away lol

reverend_loveshade: Not surprising. No, I mean really?
apparently_a_pseudonym: Anyway, A monoxamine oxidase inhibitor combined with a
selective seratonin inhibitor can lead to a hypertensive crises... have a nice day

cuteleaderjester: lol

runningdeer_12000: lol

reverend_loveshade: Oh, yeah. Just what I need.

apparently_a_pseudonym: selective seratonin reuptake inhibitor that is

reverend_loveshade smiles happily

reverend_loveshade ponders the meaning of life

reverend_loveshade mumbles incoherently

reverend_loveshade screams in a mad fit

cuteleaderjester: lovey yous

apparently_a_pseudonym: thanx

reverend_loveshade: lovey!

apparently_a_pseudonym: Lovey yous too

danacasso: bacon on the streets of harlem is a medieval testament

apparently_a_pseudonym: Since we are married now and all

reverend_loveshade: danacasso what bacon are you smoking?

apparently_a_pseudonym: Neway, how is IIS?

reverend_loveshade: Alive and well.

reverend_loveshade: Still weird.

apparently_a_pseudonym: Is IIIS still around?

cuteleaderjester: i dont go in there much

cuteleaderjester: too many people

greymist08: i'm there now...

danacasso: i just joined by the angel cat's tongue

cuteleaderjester: iiis is there too

reverend_loveshade: Grey you're in two places at once?

reverend_loveshade: Oh yeah. You're a mist. Mists can do that.

greymist08: i'm currently in 6... why.....

cuteleaderjester: come here!

greymist08: i good online like that...

quack27sgirl joined the room

reverend_loveshade: Welcome quack27sgirl

quack27sgirl: hola

reverend_loveshade smiles happily at quack27sgirl

greymist08: who me?

reverend_loveshade: We just had a wedding.

quack27sgirl: i kum in pieces

quack27sgirl: lol

reverend_loveshade: You what?

reverend_loveshade: lol

apparently_a_pseudonym: I feel like I'm going to die agaihn

reverend_loveshade: Again?

reverend_loveshade: I thought you got over that.

quack27sgirl left the room

apparently_a_pseudonym: no, not quite

cuteleaderjester: you die too much

reverend_loveshade: So, quacky, want to get married?

reverend_loveshade: Oh, damn, she's gone!

reverend_loveshade: Doh!

tuttidurrutti: she left

apparently_a_pseudonym: I'm trying to die less often, but its hard

apparently_a_pseudonym: The world is a dangerous place

reverend_loveshade: Do like my friend did and leave the world.

greymist08: not as dangerous as alpha complex...

reverend_loveshade bows down before runningdeer_12000

apparently_a_pseudonym: Nah; its got better drinks then the other side

reverend_loveshade: Now why did I do that?

apparently_a_pseudonym: Thats why I keep coming back

runningdeer_12000: Well goodnight you guys! I have company here and they want
to sleep so I need to leave

reverend_loveshade: Alpha complex? Praise be to the Computer!

reverend_loveshade: Ok, runningdeer, it was great meeting you!

tuttidurrutti: the computer wants you to be happy

tuttidurrutti: are you happy, citizens?

runningdeer_12000: Same here rev. and everyone too

danacasso: yes

reverend_loveshade smiles happily at runningdeer_12000

reverend_loveshade waves at runningdeer_12000

runningdeer_12000 waves at everyone in the room

greymist08: bye

bereczclan joined the room

runningdeer_12000: Bye now!

reverend_loveshade: I am Happy Happy Joy Joy!

runningdeer_12000 left the room

reverend_loveshade: So, bereczclan, you come here often?

apparently_a_pseudonym hiccups and then searches for a glass of water

apparently_a_pseudonym listens to cuteleaderjester

cuteleaderjester: i didnt say anything

reverend_loveshade: apparently check with the cupbearer runningdeer

bereczclan: no, do you?

reverend_loveshade: Oh, just left.

apparently_a_pseudonym: eh?

apparently_a_pseudonym: Why?

reverend_loveshade: I just performed a wedding.

reverend_loveshade: the bride and grooms are still here.

bereczclan: A

cuteleaderjester: one of em left

reverend_loveshade: Oh yeah.

reverend_loveshade: One groom's gone to bed.

bereczclan: oh , ok

apparently_a_pseudonym: *checks with runningdeer*

reverend_loveshade: tuttidurrutti can you fill in for runningdeer and serve drinks?

cuteleaderjester: lol

danacasso: vitamin cable paraphernalia is best with chewing gum on the oak at the

apparently_a_pseudonym: Who left?

bereczclan left the room

cuteleaderjester: Razmear

tuttidurrutti: drinks?

tuttidurrutti: we got drinks?

reverend_loveshade: uh, wait. The three grooms are all still here. So which one left?

cuteleaderjester: Razmear left

apparently_a_pseudonym: you sure?

danacasso: no he's still here

apparently_a_pseudonym: It still has his name there

apparently_a_pseudonym: *points*

cuteleaderjester: his names prolly stuck

tuttidurrutti: OK, I'm setting up the bar

apparently_a_pseudonym: *points over there*

reverend_loveshade: Oh, yeah. Wine, Sprite, orange juice, grapejuice, diet coke,
pepsi, mountain dew, bloody mary.

tuttidurrutti: this'll take a minute or two

reverend_loveshade: And water.

tuttidurrutti: and whaddaya know? here's some tequila and some makings for

reverend_loveshade: Cool.

neauxsaint: bloody mary may not be a good idea.

reverend_loveshade: Oh yeah.

apparently_a_pseudonym: Lol

danacasso: tequila? fuel for my jet?

tuttidurrutti: no, the ****'s getting to be more expensive than jet fuel

danacasso: lol

tuttidurrutti: it's the great cactus shortage

apparently_a_pseudonym: what!

apparently_a_pseudonym: Cactus shortage!

tuttidurrutti: yu didn't know?

danacasso: yeah jet fuel's only kerosene

tuttidurrutti: they take twenty years or so to reach maturity

apparently_a_pseudonym: Does that mean my San Pedros have gone up in value?

tuttidurrutti: maybe thirty

reverend_loveshade: What takes 20 or 30 years to reach maturity? Jets?

tuttidurrutti: so since us gringoes have only acquired the taste in the last decade or

reverend_loveshade: What about the Diamonbacks? They only took 4 or 5 years.

apparently_a_pseudonym: San Pedros grow about a foot a year

tuttidurrutti: but in that time we've wiped out much of the appropriate cactus

tuttidurrutti: it's specifically the agave cactus

apparently_a_pseudonym: And they can range from .05 to 2%

tuttidurrutti: the one they make tequila from

danacasso: ahhhh don't you just love progress?

apparently_a_pseudonym: agve?

apparently_a_pseudonym: agave?

apparently_a_pseudonym: agave are not cacti

apparently_a_pseudonym: they are succulents

tuttidurrutti: so it's gonna take a long time before the new plantings reach maturity

tuttidurrutti: whatever they are, they're running out

apparently_a_pseudonym: Hmm

reverend_loveshade: Ok, everyone, speaking of drinking, let's sing!

tuttidurrutti sings, "Tell me what you want, what you really, really want"

tuttidurrutti sings, "Tell me what you want, what you really, really want"

tuttidurrutti sings, "Tell me what you want, what you really, really want"

reverend_loveshade: Infinity bottles of beer on the wall,
Infinity bottles of beer.
Take one down,
Pass it around,
Infinity bottles of beer on the wall.

neauxsaint sings, "Tell me what you want, what you really, really want"

apparently_a_pseudonym sings, "Tell me what you want, what you really, really want"

tuttidurrutti: ****, it's only got one song

danacasso: consume consume consume gotta love the free market

reverend_loveshade: (Repeat until dead)
Found in the Steve Jackson Games edition of the Principia Discordia

tuttidurrutti: pi squared bottles of beer on the wall

tuttidurrutti: pi squared bottles of beer

tuttidurrutti: take one down

greymist08: yeah, i didn't want that version... the end stuff is fluff...

tuttidurrutti: pass it around

tuttidurrutti: um

tuttidurrutti: uh

danacasso: lol

tuttidurrutti: a few more bottles of beer on the wall

danacasso: lol

reverend_loveshade: pi squared minus one bottles of beer on the wall

reverend_loveshade: lol

apparently_a_pseudonym: I just sit here watching squirells

tuttidurrutti: mmmm

tuttidurrutti: squirrels

danacasso: wanna shewt 'em?

reverend_loveshade: I just watch here sitting squirrels

apparently_a_pseudonym: They have much more fun then me

tuttidurrutti: i just squirrel here, sitting on my watch?

reverend_loveshade: You got a squirrel shooting license?

greymist08: "as we poison the pidgeons in the park..."

reverend_loveshade: I can sell you one cheap.

reverend_loveshade: Slightly used.

danacasso: hallow points make 'em explode

reverend_loveshade: Thank you Tom Lehrer

apparently_a_pseudonym: Go ahead and shoot them Dana

greymist08: "and maybe we'll do in a squirrel or two..."

apparently_a_pseudonym: Shoot them to your hearts content

tuttidurrutti: infinity squirrels with beers on the wall

reverend_loveshade: Tom Lehrer is a musician and a mathematician. He'd know
what pi squared minus one was.

tuttidurrutti: infinity squirrels with beer

tuttidurrutti: shoot one down

danacasso: lol

tuttidurrutti: fry til brown

reverend_loveshade: st d has had too much fermented orange juice

tuttidurrutti: infinity squirrels with beers on the wall

reverend_loveshade: lol

tuttidurrutti: how did you know my OJ was fermenting?

apparently_a_pseudonym: Wait a minute?

tuttidurrutti: ok

reverend_loveshade: I spoke to Goddess

danacasso: the smell gave it away

reverend_loveshade: She told me

apparently_a_pseudonym: The orange juice was fermented?

tuttidurrutti: mine was here

tuttidurrutti: this morning

tuttidurrutti: for breakfast

apparently_a_pseudonym: *grabs left over orange juice and starts chugging*

reverend_loveshade: It wasn't until it sat in the cups too long.

danacasso: phew

tuttidurrutti: the tequila i slipped in it mighta helped too

reverend_loveshade: You remember, the two attached cups with the elastic straps

danacasso: ahhhhh that's it

apparently_a_pseudonym sings a song for cuteleaderjester

reverend_loveshade flirts with cuteleaderjester

apparently_a_pseudonym frowns in disgust


greymist08 bows down before cuteleaderjester

tuttidurrutti screams, "They killed kenny!"

cuteleaderjester: hehe

cuteleaderjester flirts with reverend_loveshade

tuttidurrutti faints on razmear

reverend_loveshade: Oh baby!

apparently_a_pseudonym: Join the party mary

apparently_a_pseudonym: You so quiet

reverend_loveshade: Tickles cuteleaderjester

apparently_a_pseudonym: I dun like quiet people

cuteleaderjester: EeP!

tuttidurrutti grabs apparently_a_pseudonym and dances around the room

danacasso: lightly slaps tuttidurrutti's face


apparently_a_pseudonym screams in a mad fit

tuttidurrutti Hey apparently_a_pseudonym you can create custom emotions by
editing the emote_user.dat file

reverend_loveshade: So tell us how!

tuttidurrutti flirts with tuttidurrutti

tuttidurrutti: hmmm

tuttidurrutti: i think i like me

reverend_loveshade: tutti better slap yourself for flirting

apparently_a_pseudonym: I dont know

greymist08 flirts with cuteleaderjester

tuttidurrutti mumbles incoherently

apparently_a_pseudonym: Tutti and Durrutti make a nice couple

reverend_loveshade: kik

lambie_aka joined the room

razmear left the room

tuttidurrutti: no, they can never get along

reverend_loveshade: thats lol one space over

reverend_loveshade: hello lambie_aka

lambie_aka: hello

reverend_loveshade: You missed the wedding but we're still at the reception

lambie_aka: whats M.A.?W

lambie_aka: lol

lambie_aka: ok

reverend_loveshade: The bride

tuttidurrutti: kik kik kik

tuttidurrutti: we have margaritas

tuttidurrutti: and fermented orange juice

reverend_loveshade: and fermented orange juice

reverend_loveshade: damn you beat me to that post!

reverend_loveshade: lol

apparently_a_pseudonym: o jsyr ejrn upi ,rddi[nu s d[svr

tuttidurrutti: and donuts!!!

tuttidurrutti: yeah, what he said

cuteleaderjester: <Mary Anne Walter

lambie_aka: is this room christian?

lambie_aka: no one has ears here?

reverend_loveshade: I don't know. Ask the room.

danacasso: freshly fermented

cuteleaderjester: no

apparently_a_pseudonym: I have three ears

tuttidurrutti: i think the room is mostly rectangular

reverend_loveshade: I once taught Sunday school.

danacasso: strange i see it as round

reverend_loveshade: Ok twice.

apparently_a_pseudonym: I was sure it was an irregular polygon

tuttidurrutti: well, that's the whole grid thing again

lambie_aka: who here is christian?

tuttidurrutti: all rooms are rectangular in some sense

cuteleaderjester: im not

tuttidurrutti: round in some sense

tuttidurrutti: christian in some sense

reverend_loveshade: I'm a Christian agnostic

lambie_aka: explain

tuttidurrutti: rectangular and round in some sense

greymist08: and false in some sense

lambie_aka: such as?

apparently_a_pseudonym: *holds up hand than drops it again then holds up hand
then drops it again*

tuttidurrutti: rectangualr and christian in some sense

reverend_loveshade: So lambie_aka how did you find this room?

tuttidurrutti: round and christian in some sense

lambie_aka: it was on the list

tuttidurrutti: and round, rectangular and christian in some sense

tuttidurrutti: damn that's a mouthful

greymist08 Passes the 'Frop around.

lambie_aka: im looking for someone to help me

danacasso: hmmm... could be shaped like the vatican?

reverend_loveshade: With what?

apparently_a_pseudonym: Nah, not quite so holy looking

tuttidurrutti: all rooms are like the vatican in some sense

apparently_a_pseudonym: Though there are quite a bit of holes

greymist08: help how?

reverend_loveshade: lambie_aka help with what?

tuttidurrutti: we help good

lambie_aka: hoping to find a kind spirit who would help me figure out how to
personalize my emotes

caliphbubba joined the room

reverend_loveshade: Ok

lambie_aka: is any one in voice?

tuttidurrutti Hey lambie_aka you can create custom emotions by editing the
emote_user.dat file

lambie_aka: or does this room not have voice

lambie_aka: no crap tutti

apparently_a_pseudonym: Tutti how xactlty do you do that?

lambie_aka: i went there and dont know what to do

reverend_loveshade: Click on the ! then click on the name of the user you want to
emote to then click on the emotion then click on the grey Emote User button


caliphbubba: so whose the Preecher around her I looking for A SHot-GUn wedding

lambie_aka: not like that

tuttidurrutti: well, we got a preacher but no shotgun

reverend_loveshade: You want to marry a shotgun?

lambie_aka: how you can put yuor own emotes in

tuttidurrutti: just a little twenty two for those damn beer drinking squirrels

reverend_loveshade: I don't know.

apparently_a_pseudonym: Too late

cuteleaderjester: glue them in?

lambie_aka: you ppl are all drunk!

cuteleaderjester: i dont drink

apparently_a_pseudonym: where is emote_user.dat file?

tuttidurrutti: not even

cuteleaderjester: im 15

apparently_a_pseudonym: Do I have to dos?

reverend_loveshade: I'm 12

apparently_a_pseudonym: *shudders*

tuttidurrutti: we're not drunk, just stupid

caliphbubba: being drunk is fun but some people arn't the :leagl: age for it BUT
squirrels are different....

reverend_loveshade: I did most of my drinking before I turned 21

reverend_loveshade: Oh course you'd expect that me being 20 now

lambie_aka: wasting time here.. thanx all for your wacky company, its been off! God bless you!!

cuteleaderjester: you're a squirrel?

apparently_a_pseudonym: But you are only 12

reverend_loveshade: lol

caliphbubba: alot of people say that....

lambie_aka left the room

tuttidurrutti: i was slowing down until i took up religion

reverend_loveshade: No wait lambi_aka I was going to give you a new car and a

tuttidurrutti: boy, those guys can drink vodka

winterchild49 joined the room

apparently_a_pseudonym: Tutti; do I have to dos to make my own emotes?

apparently_a_pseudonym: Can you do a step by step?

tuttidurrutti: no clue

reverend_loveshade: Greetings winterchild49

caliphbubba: nope not a squirrels just fond of them...I hear they make great pets....

winterchild49: hi

tuttidurrutti: i just keep hitting the button that says 'custom'

tuttidurrutti: not button, but selection on the '!' LIST

reverend_loveshade: We just had a wedding

reverend_loveshade waves at cuteleaderjester

winterchild49: really

apparently_a_pseudonym Hey room you can create custom emotions by editing the
emote_user.dat file

caliphbubba: yeah she got married with out me...thats why I have the Shot-gun

tuttidurrutti: ouch

tuttidurrutti: sorry

cuteleaderjester smiles happily at reverend_loveshade

tuttidurrutti: YEAH, LIKE THAT

reverend_loveshade: Yep. Cuteleaderjester just got married.

apparently_a_pseudonym: Okay, thats fing usefull

danacasso: *pinches cuteleaderjester on the butt*

reverend_loveshade smiles happily at cuteleaderjester

cuteleaderjester: EeP

winterchild49 left the room

reverend_loveshade: So winterchild49 is gone.

caliphbubba: to bad so sad

tuttidurrutti: we keep scaring em off

reverend_loveshade: I can perform funerals too.

reverend_loveshade: Even for squirrels.

apparently_a_pseudonym: We need to present a more excepting front

danacasso: yeah my thoughts exactly

tuttidurrutti: or at least the drunk squirrels do

apparently_a_pseudonym: Accepting

caliphbubba: there not down with the discordian thang

danacasso: nahhh it's more fun this way

reverend_loveshade: No, In think in our case excepting was right.

apparently_a_pseudonym: I don unnerstan discordians

tuttidurrutti: discordians?

reverend_loveshade: what are discordians?

tuttidurrutti: i thought this was the podiatrists' convention

apparently_a_pseudonym: Eris is a goddess of strife and arguments

reverend_loveshade: Definition: Discordian is an out of tune accordion.

caliphbubba: ask cutejesterleader thats what i do....

tuttidurrutti: that's one grid

apparently_a_pseudonym: When did she become a symbol of frivolity?

cuteleaderjester: lol

reverend_loveshade: Hey, I just made that up!

tuttidurrutti: about 1958

tuttidurrutti: no one's too precise

tuttidurrutti: they were all really stoned at the time

reverend_loveshade: I like feet

danacasso: here kitty kitty kitty

apparently_a_pseudonym: The podiatrists convention is down the hall, third door on
the right

reverend_loveshade uses power of levitation to raise cuteleaderjester

reverend_loveshade: Hey, did I do that?

caliphbubba: feet are stinky

apparently_a_pseudonym Hey room you can create custom emotions by editing the
emote_user.dat file

tuttidurrutti: oh, did i say podiatrists?

cuteleaderjester: EeP

reverend_loveshade: I was only trying to lift her skirt!

tuttidurrutti: i meant to say pederasts

apparently_a_pseudonym: Do

apparently_a_pseudonym: How you do that

reverend_loveshade: oh yeah.

reverend_loveshade: Do what?

apparently_a_pseudonym: How you edit emote_user.dat file?

caliphbubba: pretty cool

reverend_loveshade grabs cuteleaderjester and dances around the room

reverend_loveshade: Woo haw!


apparently_a_pseudonym uses power of levitation to raise cuteleaderjester

apparently_a_pseudonym uses power of levitation to raise apparently_a_pseudonym

reverend_loveshade: Grab your partner dose e do.

reverend_loveshade: Kiss her on the lips and step on her toe.

caliphbubba: round and round

apparently_a_pseudonym: Oop

apparently_a_pseudonym: I'm dying

reverend_loveshade: Not again.

apparently_a_pseudonym: So long

apparently_a_pseudonym: ...

cuteleaderjester: eww

reverend_loveshade: Hey, can I do your funeral?

danacasso: uses the power of levitation too bounce rev loveshade on the floor like a

apparently_a_pseudonym: *cough*

apparently_a_pseudonym: sure

reverend_loveshade: Woo!

apparently_a_pseudonym: *dies*

reverend_loveshade: Cool.

caliphbubba: dying is good for you.....just ask all the vampires....

tuttidurrutti: uses the power of levitation to pour everyone another round of drinks

reverend_loveshade: Ok, when do we schedule the funeral?

danacasso: hey mary that leaves just you and me

caliphbubba: do the Undead get funerals?

apparently_a_pseudonym: *stands up again*

reverend_loveshade: only if they pay like everybody else.

apparently_a_pseudonym: I wish I could die and just stay dead

reverend_loveshade uses power of levitation to raise apparently_a_pseudonym

apparently_a_pseudonym: Whoa

reverend_loveshade: I raised you.

danacasso: grabs mary and dances around the room

apparently_a_pseudonym grabs cuteleaderjester and dances around the room

danacasso: hey!

cuteleaderjester Hey reverend_loveshade you can create custom emotions by
editing the emote_user.dat file

reverend_loveshade grabs reverend_loveshade and dances around the room

caliphbubba: like christ 'er somethin or maybe lazarus

reverend_loveshade: Yeah well how do I do that?

cuteleaderjester: im trying to figure that out lol

tuttidurrutti Hey reverend_loveshade you can create custom emotions by editing the
emote_user.dat file

caliphbubba: command them to "RISE"

reverend_loveshade: Raise the dead through levitation.

danacasso: whoa

neauxsaint: I'm off y'all. Thanks for a great wedding.

reverend_loveshade: Hey reverend_loveshade you can create custom emotions by
editing the emote_user.dat file

neauxsaint waves at everyone in the room

caliphbubba: that would work I suppose

danacasso: seeya

reverend_loveshade: Goodbye neauxsaint!

tuttidurrutti waves at neauxsaint

reverend_loveshade: Thanks for being a witless!

reverend_loveshade: witness.

neauxsaint: heheh

neauxsaint left the room

reverend_loveshade: Actually, it's time for this old rev to go to bed.

reverend_loveshade falls down near cuteleaderjester

cuteleaderjester: goodnight love

greymist08: well, i'm off, too.... seems there are giant rocks falling on our planet
tonite... and it's just about to go off...

reverend_loveshade: Oops!

reverend_loveshade: Goodnight Mary!

tuttidurrutti: time for this saint to sleep as well

reverend_loveshade: Luv you all!

tuttidurrutti: nite yall

danacasso: seeyaz

tuttidurrutti left the room

reverend_loveshade: Pet the kids and give the dog a kiss for me!

danacasso: lol

reverend_loveshade: Stroke your kitties!

danacasso: you are tired

cuteleaderjester: love you

greymist08: night all

danacasso: nitey-nite

cuteleaderjester: goodnight



greymist08 left the room

caliphbubba: It's gettin all lonely in here

cuteleaderjester gives caliphbubba a big hug

caliphbubba: thanks sweet-pea

cuteleaderjester: whereve you been?
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The Wedding of The Mary,
danacasso & razmear
17 and 18 November 2001
A Discordian Wedding
as performed by Reverend Loveshade
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