Lesser Disorder of
Underwear Heads
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Show us your Underwear!

Send us your pics showing you qualify for the Lesser Disorder of Underwear Heads to
ed_submit@loveshade.org. (You can copy and paste the email address--we aren't posting an automatic link to
prevent spamming).  If you send us your pics, you are giving us the right to post them on this or other sites we might
build or (with your permission) books we might create in the future, if we aren't too lazy.  
Charter Members Include:


Maybe you!
Send us your pic today!
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whatever you like.
Lesser Disorder of Underwear Heads (u.h.
or alternately
d.u.h.): Membership is granted to
all who openly wore underwear on their head in
public (by “head” we mean the body part that
usually houses the brain).  While doing so when
no one sees you does not qualify, being seen so
doing in a publicly viewed image (photo, movie,
etc.) is acceptable.
August 10 (3 Bureaucracy): Multiversal
Underwear Day
(O)/(MH).  Expose your undies!  
Celebrate by wearing nothing but
unmentionables in public, or at least by wearing
your underwear, or somebody else’s, where
people can see it so they can gawk at you.  (This
is a great day to apply for membership in the
Lesser Disorder of Underwear Heads.)
Is this some Asian sorority thing?
Bring up your kids properly--teach them life is fun!
Binky the WonderSkull wearing the Lost Panties of Minnie Rae