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Apocrypha Discordia
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Apocrypha Discordia is a collection of various works on
Discordianism, compiled by Rev. DrJon Swabey from various
non-copyrighted (or Kopylefted) sources, including fragments from
both on line and printed sources. It includes illuminations from the
Melbourne small press zine artist Pope Phil Wlodarczyk III.

The concept for the book came as Steve Jackson Games was
preparing its 1994 edition of Principia Discordia. According to that
edition's introduction, someone on the net suggested they publish an
Apocrypha Discordia if they got enough material in the true Discordian
spirit. Several people sent the company submissions, but the book was
never published.

Perhaps the first appearance of writings that claimed to be part of
Apocrypha Discordia were posted online sometime between 1995
and 1997 by Reverend Loveshade. Ironically, one of these, "Five Blind
Men and an Elephant," actually did become part of the book when it
was completed in 2002.

Although some Discordian cabals consider the work to be canonical,
others deny the existence of any canonical document of
Discordianism. It may be considered a sequel to the Principia
Discordia, or it may be a complete joke. This dicotomy of religion vs.
joke is a fundamental part of the book, and indeed of Discordianism

Significant contributors to the work include Prince Mu-Chao ("The
Discordian Manifesto #3", etc.), Reverend Doctor Hexar le Saipe
("Chaosophy"), The Beatus Ffungo (selections from Summa
Discordia), Reverend Loveshade ("Five Blind Men and an Elephant"
from Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia), and St. Pesher the Gardener ("Novus
Ordo Discordia").

The work is available on line, and has also been published in a print
on demand edition by Synaptyclypse Generator, a Discordian sect,
affiliated to POEE UK and dedicated to the preservation of important
Discordian works. Persistent rumour states that a samizdat copy of the
Apocrypha Discordia has been smuggled onto the shelves of the
American Library of Congress.

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