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Something really interesting (I won't say 'weird' or 'strange' cos
weird & strange things are such common occurences that they've ceased
to be weird or strange to me) happened to me last night whilst lying
in bed.

Okay so I'm lying there on my back practicing some relaxation
techniques I've picked up over the years, and I got pissed off cos all
these ugly thoughts kept entering my head, so I decided to chant a
sutra in my head (the 'om-mane-padme-om' one - hey if it's worked for
the past couple of thousand years then why try to fix it?).

A few minutes of this goes by, & all of a sudden (while I'm still
awake), I get this buzzing all around my head & next thing you know
I'm falling backwards into this elevator shaft (a small wooden one -
sorta like a dumb-waiter only about 4 times the size). I landed fairly
gently & realised this must be the Cosmic Elevator Shaft (nobody told
me, I just knew it).

Then Nenslo climbs in (for the record, I have never seen Nenslo's
picture, and had no idea what he looks like, until today when I did a
Google search on him & found what may or may not be his likeness at
http://www.last.fm/user/nenslo/ - assuming it isn't someone else
stealing his identity), and says 'glad you could make it' & other
stuff that I can't remember.

He gives me 2 CDs & a booklet the shape of a cheque book (only
thicker) with a clip-on vinyl cover & tells me it's time to go back to
my world, but I notice a friend of mine in the room outside the Cosmic
Elevator Shaft, only he's grown a beard & fuzzy hair (sorta like Fat
Freddy from the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers), but he doesn't know me
yet cos its in the past.

So I get out and tell him about what's in the future, but he doesn't
understand cos he hasn't met me yet, and as far as he's concerned I
could be anyone, so I tell him, 'when the time comes you will know.'

The time was apparently about 10 years ago, but the surroundings (and
my friend's hair) suggested early '70s. Mind you I've seen people's
places & hair like that fairly recently, so it's probably best not to
rely too much on intuition.

I don't believe this was a dream, since I was still awake when it
started (I was still chanting when the buzzing kicked in), and there
wasn't enough bizarre shit happening in it - it was all too logical.
I've come to the conclusion that Eris may have something to do with
this, yet, due to the Nenslo factor, Mr Dobbs could play a part also,
even though I haven't given him any money (note to serious Subgenii:
please don't brand me as a clueless bobbie, as, unlike the bobbies, I
don't claim to be a Subgenius. I merely take an interest in the

Any input would be welcome on this occurrence. I'll be testing out
different sutras to see what else happens.

I found out thru Google, that there is a song by Garaj Mahal, entitled
Cosmic Elevator, but I couldn't find a full copy of it, just a short
sample. It sounds like pretty standard funk to me so I don't know if
it has any bearing on the aformentioned incident.

See you in the Cosmic Elevator Shaft

St John the Blasphemist
Saint of Spiritual Awakenings
The photo is from the U. S. Government,
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Nenslo & the
Cosmic Elevator
St John the Blasphemist claims
to be saint of almost anything--it
continually changes.  We
suppose that's pretty

See more of St John at
April 2 is
St John the Blasphemist Day
as recorded in
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The
Tales of Shamlicht.
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Students: consider the
possible interpretation of St
John's "Nenslo and the
Cosmic Elevator Shaft."  Is
this a fnordian symbolist rant
dealing with the eccentrica
discordia (proper spelling) or
is it simply a drug-induced
hallucination?  Could it be that
Reverend Loveshade is trying
to tell us something?  And
what, really, is the point of this
smagmoid sidebar anyway?