Welcome to the official website for First Baptist Church of Janustown, Texas.  We hope that
you enjoy our site, and would love to have you visit our church.

We worship God in a small, country church that accepts everyone who believes in Jesus of
Nazareth as specified in God's
Holy Word and in our Statement of Beliefs.

We may be small but we're an active church, with regular services, music programs, special
events, and a special club for our youth we call
God's Children of Janustown.

In our
store, you can also find books that we've found to be truly Christian and very helpful
in living the life God intended for us all.

Please feel free to learn more about our church by clicking on the links to the far right.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website.
Cherub Princess Shamlicht
Janustown, TX
First Baptist Church
Cross of First Baptist Church of Janustown, Texas
Reverend Loveshade
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cherub is unnknown; if you know, please let us
know.  We made the wallpaper but release it
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Baptist Church of Janustown, Texas and God's
Children of Janustown are trademarks of The
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