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Yet another way

Reverend Loveshade

makes a fool of emself
I am not advocating sexual child abuse or any other kind of abuse.

I have
not engaged in sexual activity with a pre-pubescent since I was in early pubescence. (Yes, I know by current
law in much of America that could have made me a Registered Sex Offender for the rest of my life, but in those days
if you got caught you got a whipping and a lecture, not a life-time sentence).

have had sexual activity with a person I wasn't married to who was under the age of 21 when I was 21 years old or
older. This is often legal in most of the world, including much of the United States and in England, but is illegal as
hell in some places (in some countries it's the death penalty).

do believe it's wrong that, if someone tells a counselor in America that they are sexually attracted to children and
want to get help to deal with it, even if they haven't acted on it and want to avoid acting on it, that counselor is
required by law to report them to law enforcement. The mandatory reporting creates a situation where those who
need help can't get it, which I believe makes sexual child molestation
more likely, not less.

We call the flu and schizophrenia sicknesses, so we treat them to help people get well. We call pedophilia a
sickness, so we punish it. (And we confuse pedophilia, being primarily attracted to pre-pubescent people, with
sexual child molestation. Look it up--most child molesters do not fit the psychological profile of pedophile).

America is a society that thinks it's more fun to punish people for child abuse, or anything else for that matter, than it
is to prevent it in the first place. I once saw a program advising people to hide micro-cameras in their homes and not
tell the babysitter so the parents could catch em abusing their kids, as opposed to telling the babysitters the
cameras were there to prevent any abuse. Pissed me off.

As it happens, I am not a pedophile, nor am I a child molester. If I were, I would certainly have been caught. Even my
enormous ego isn't big enough to think that I and cohorts could have stood up to an
investigation by the FBI
(America's Federal Bureau of Investigation) and several other agencies and gotten away with it (the only thing they
got on us out of the dozen things they investigated us for was marijuana). I still insist us Ek-sen-trik Discordians are
a dangerous cult, just not an
illegal dangerous cult. Being safe is so dull.

But if you want to know my personal motivation behind this whole ageist sex thing, here it is.

First, my mother was impregnated by my father during an act of consensual sex when she was underage and he
was overage. My granddad, my mum's dad, called my father a child molester and threatened him with charges,
blackmailing my Dad into leaving us and forcing my Mum to give him and my Gramma legal custody of me. That's
right, I'm a bastard. Or, as I prefer to think of myself, a lovechild.

My father was a loving, caring man. He did everything he could for my mother and me, and he and my mum
eventually won a custody battle to get me back. He died a year later of an aneurism or heart attack, we aren't sure
which (it was not suicide because I drove him to hang himself, as someone once claimed). My mum and I miss him
very much.

My granddad was a Bible-thumping, bottom-beating control freak who believed he could beat morality into me. If it
wasn't for my Gramma and even better summer vacations with my crazy Aunt, I don't know how I would have

Second, after I was stuck with a granddad I hated and a gramma who didn't help and was rejected by my first love
when I was a 13-year-old virgin, I thought no one would ever love me, acted even crazier than usual in class,
became depressed, despondent, and my grades dropped into the toilet. I might have been on the edge of suicide;
don't know. An older woman took pity on me, encouraged me, and had consensual sex with me, and I got much
better. My self-esteem went up, my grades improved, my attitude improved, and my perspective towards people and
life improved.

Do I think my father abused my mother by making love to her when she was underage? HELL NO!

Do I believe the woman who introduced me into the wonderful world of sex when I was 13 years old abused me?

My Granddad's gone now, and I don't miss him at all. I don't hate him anymore; that's the best I can give him. As
Fargo the Homeless said, 'Hate is like fire; it burns those who hold it.' My father's gone now, and I really, really miss
him. And so does my mother who he supposedly abused.

And to the woman I very willingly gave my virginity to when I was 13, Thanks!

Reverend 'That's my story and I'm sticking to it' Loveshade
A while ago, which happened to be about, oh, 12 June 2008 at 05:37:05 P.M. Pacific time, I posted a response to
various insults and accusations on another website that were based on unsubstantiated rumors.  I don't like
defending myself, and when I've done so, have learned why the wise founders of America gave the accused the right
to keep his or her mouth shut.  They aren't kidding when they say, 'Anything you say can be used against you'.
They really mean

But as the same old same old is rearing its ugly head yet again, I'll present my 'defense' here. It's just as it was
originally posted, except I've cut off my old introduction because that dealt specifically with that site. I said then 'don't
expect me to ever do this again', and I'm not--I'm just re-posting.  The below is, sigh, for anyone who cares to listen.
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