If you haven't heard, Loompanics, the company that produced
the yellow edition of
Principia Discordia, is going out of
business. Theirs was the first mass edition of
, and the most popular before Steve Jackson Games
became the first company to get the book in bookstores. This is
a sad day for Discordians, Conspiracy Theorists, Libertarians,
Freedom Fighters, and those who believe in that archaic
fantasy of "Freedom of Speech."

The company was formed 30 years ago by Mike Hoy, and
features the following categories:

Loompanics Catalog - Paper Version
Anarchism and Egoism
Big Brother Is Watching You
Conducting Investigations
Crime And Police Science
Fake I.D.
Gimme Shelter
Guerrilla Warfare
Head For The Hills
Heresy/Weird Ideas
Intelligence Increase
Locks and Locksmithing
Mass Media
Money-Making Opportunities
Murder, Death, and Torture
Outlaw History
Paralegal Skills
Privacy And Hiding Things
Reality Creation
Rock and Roll
Science and Technology
Self Defense
Self Sufficiency
Tax Avoision
Underground Economy
Limited Stock

The only good news is that they are selling the rest of their
stock at 50% off. They have lots of great books and other
products. While we don't usually do commercials, this time it's
worth it. Without Loompanics, and the Steve Jackson Games
version that followed it, most of us would have thought
Discordia was only a character on TV's "Hercules" and "Xena."

Visit the site before it's gone: (it was gone, now seems to be
back, although we don't think the company is:
Text copyright no one use as you will.
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Goodbye Loompanics
First publisher of a mass edition of
Principia Discordia is going out of business
26 January 2006/26 Chaos 3172
Loompanics is,
sadly, gone.  For a
long time, so was
the website, which
continued for a short
while after the
company went out of
business.  But as of
11 May 2009 the
websites back--or is
it?  We suspect you
can't really order or
submit anything from
it, but don't know.  
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