Do not believe the rumour that Christy
Turlington is really Lorien Loveshade
aka Princess Unicornia.

This was on PETA’s site--until they removed it--and some other websites.  A PETA
administrator actually supported this until learning where the banner was going to be
placed.  It appears some demonstrations are too radical for even PETA.  There's a,
ahem, rumour that some Discordian high school and middle school students in Minnesota
were involved in putting up the banner, and that it was more a prank or Jake than
anything serious.

Spring break is traditionally a time for high school, middle school and college
students to celebrate a week away from classes. Many “hang” with friends, visit
Minneapolis or even spend time at Lake Superior. But it can be a time for getting
into trouble.

Some Norwood Young America students put up a banner proclaiming “Go Topless for PETA
on Spring Break.” That message in support of the animal rights organization was seen
Monday by students and faculty at Central High School/Middle School in Norwood Young
America, MN. The banner, which had a school-approved message on the other side, was
quickly removed by school officials.

PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an animal rights
organization known for using nudity for publicity. But two students who admitted
under condition of anonymity to turning the banner over said they were working

“It was our idea, not PETAs,” said a 17-year-old high school girl who planned the

“But they said it was a good one,” said her co-planner, a 13-year-old middle school

Several days before, students had hung a banner in the main school hallway that
proclaimed, “Have Fun But be Safe on Spring Break.” But authorities and most students
didn’t know that the back of the banner had a very different message.

“Someone turned the banner around right before lunch time,” said school district
official Robert Abrams. “The first message was on the other side, so it was
definitely the same banner. Obviously, the students who put it up knew what they were

“It’s not bad enough our kids are being exposed to sex on the Internet. Now it’s at
school,” said Alice Mayfield, an anti-sex education activist and mother of a son who
attends the middle school. “If they kept as good control of our kids at school as we
do at home, we wouldn’t have this kind of trouble.”

School officials wouldn’t comment on what actions they planned to take against the
students who pulled the stunt. But the young activists did have some supporters.

“Anything that gets attention for animals is good,” said 17-year-old vegetarian
senior Robert Johnson. “America is a nation of abusers and people eat the carcasses
of abused animals. It’s time to stop it!”

A teacher who spoke on condition of anonymity had this to say. “They were exercising
their right to free speech. Whether you agree with their cause or not, it’s their
right. The Constitution guarantees freedom of speech to all citizens, not just

But sophomore Patricia Riley disagreed. “Baring your boobs for baboons? How’s that
going to help?”

The last day of school before spring break is Thursday, March 19.
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Topless Banner Controversy at School
We are not in any way promoting adults, teens, preteens or anyone else going topless for animals, topless
for pets or topless for PETA, which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  We do not
advocate doing anything that might be illegal in your area.  We're a bunch of moral prudes who don't
advocate doing anything.  What you choose to do is your choice, not ours.
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Illuminaughty seal of approval
Would you go
topless for

Or would you go
topless for Eris
It's a Discordian
question to ask, "Are
you a human being
or a cabbage?"

These PETA ladies
make it a difficult
choice.  But they could
seriously get you
vegetarianism --
cabbage, anyone?
PETA "Lettuce Ladies" in the Short North, Columbus, Ohio.  Digital photo by Postdlf

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Poster by Anonymous Lifeform. Inspired by Kaousuu, Chan Marshall, and People for the Ethical
Treatment of Animals.  This first appeared in Issue 7 of
Intermittens Magazine.

The photo is public domain and the poster has been released by Anonymous Lifeform into the public
domain (kopyleft).
Alice in Wonderland is
a Discordian Saint,
and some claim she's
a Discordian
American Princess
even though she's
British.  We don't
know if she agrees
with PETA or not but
she sure spent a lot
of time with animals.
Go Topless for Animals posters were made by Miley Spears.  She released them into the public domain (kopyleft), except that it's possible
the picture of the blonde girl who looks a lot like Sailor Moon may be copyrighted.  Miley Spears writes Discordian material for, and and wrote about Discordian American Princesses for ED:TToS.
Photo of Christy Turlington; photographer unknown.
'Cropped and removed color alterations. Parent image page notation is that it's been released into the public
domain by

Going topfree in public or even completely naked is
legal in much of the United States and much of the
world.  Nudism and naturism are legal for infants, young
children, preteens, teens and adults.  But in spite of
legal nudity, authorities sometimes try to persecute those
who are exercising their rights and exposing their
freedom.  And schools often have serious restrictions.  
So be careful out there.

Topless For Pets:
Controversy at
High School
Middle School
UPDATE: Miley Spears was banned
without warning from the PETA site after
the above was removed from their site.  
Ironically, Miley is both a Discordian and
sincere in es beliefs for animals.  But
more ironic is that Miley Spears can still
post on PETA2, which is the site for young
adults, teenagers and preteens.  
Apparently it's a problem for girls to
encourage adults to go topless, but fine if
they encourage teens and preteens to
show their boobies.  Go figure.
Update: It appears the protest was real