KallistiCon 2008 has
been officially approved
as an Erisian con by
the Illuminaughty, and
thus is acceptable for
Discordian attendance.
But go anyway.
KallistiCon 2008

Hang with other Erisians, play Discordian games, create your
own Discordian traditions, have fun, and discover what the
code name "Redwood City"
really means.

Visit San Francisco, the city of
Saint Emperor Norton I
and Saint
Minnie Rae
From a secure location beneath New Alamut,
Left Coast, Turtle Island, Earth
Fool's Day 2008

Discordians, Dysnomians, Erisians, and others of much ilk...

Get up! (Get on up!)

KallistiCon 2008 is coming - June 20-22!

Every year this millennium, we've gotten together in the Bay Area in
California. We're not just rehashing gags from the
Principia - we're
moving forward, practicing chaos in the world.

For the last seven years, we've eaten and drank together, we've made
friends with strangers in traffic, we've had rituals and blessings, we've
been weird in public, and we've been human with each other. We’ve
found the freaks who thought they were the only ones, and taught them -
and ourselves - what tribe is supposed to mean.

Some of you will say: "But Discordians are supposed to be

Didn't you know that's just a put-on?

Some of you will say we’re doing it wrong, and only you know the
right way to follow Eris.

That's OK. Just quit talking about it and start doing it.

Some will no doubt repeat the tired cliche: "We Discordians tend to
stick apart."

Of course we do, but sticking apart is more fun when we do it together.

Throw out your old memes. Greg and Kerry are gone,
Bob Wilson is gone,
Camden Benares and the other old-timers are gone. Let's honor and
respect them. Let's learn from their lives and their teachings. But let's
stop trying to be them.

The Principia is your grandma's Discordia. Being an inside joke on the
net is your daddy's. What's yours? And who are you doing it with?

gabba gabba
we accept you
we accept you
one of us

June 20-22, 2008
Redwood City, California
RSVP by June 15!
Contact: email stmae @ discordian.com

To add your name to the emailing list, go to www.kallisticon.com and follow the instructions.
Do not report your name, birthday or shoe size to The Agents of Greyface.
This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons
2.5 License.  We don't know if St. Mae is
copyrighted or not.
We made the wallpaper, but release it into the
pubic domain.  We mean public domain.
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'Where sticking apart is more fun when you do it together.'
'I attended KallistiCon 2002 and achieved
enlightment in a single wild weekend!'

-- Britney S.
'That con kicks a little bootie. And so do I.'

-- R. K.
'KallistiCon is totally out there. It's over the

-- Zoey Z.
'None of these quotes was made by a Sock

-- S. Puppet
'I went to San Francisco and saw a million
people there! They claimed they lived there,
but I know they were there for KallistiCon.'

-- M. R. Cyrus
Yes, this
convention is
over.  Reports are
it was great.  But
look for
KallistiCon 2009,
likely coming in
June 2009.  Come
back for updates!
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Ignore the spaces like
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Facts about St. Mae, Editor in
Chief of
discordian.com, that were
so esoteric St. Mae didn't even
know them:

5) When viewed under a
microscope at 50,000x power, it
can be seen that St. Mae's left
earlobe has a tiny image of Mae
West's right earlobe.

4) St. Mae is completely
possessed by Goddess Eris on the
Summer Solstice when it occurs
within five days after a full moon in
a year who's digits add up to an
even multiple of 5.

3) If you say "Saint Mae" 537 times
backwards in five seconds, you'll
see a vision of Goddess
Eris-Discordia, Goddess
Aneris-Harmonia, and God
Spirituality together in the bathtub
in the back of Club Harlot on Minna
Street, San Francisco, circa 1871.

2) An image of St. Mae wearing
rabbit ears, jumping on one foot
and stamping out rice can be seen
during the full moon.

1) St. Mae is the reincarnated San
Francisco soiled dove Saint
'If at least 10 people attend KallistiCon
2008, on that weekend I will not destroy the
world. I promise.'

-- E. D.
Why does KallistiCon 2008 take place
on the Summer Solstice?
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