Reverend Loveshade
in Hospital
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We wish Reverend Loveshade the best while e is recovering in hospital.  The Rev.
is fortunately recovering from the attack, and hasn't lost that good old sense of
humor we love so well. We hope e's back in flying form some time in August or
September 2006.

Reverend Loveshade wanted us to post this letter to all who want to read it:
30 July 2006

"Dear Friends and Family,

For a stay in hospital, it hasn't been too bad. While Doctor Thumb Bite was initially worried
about my condition, it has since been upgraded from dead. Nurse Kleptomaniac Kurbasher
took my pulse, but somebody on the staff found it and brought it back. My blood pressure is
no longer dangerously low due to the administrations of Nurse Devine Stripling, who is
especially skilled at giving sponge baths. And my temperature has been lowered to a
healthful 310.15 degrees K due to the medical skills of Doctor Hedon Flame-Retardant.

"While I'm still on a liquid diet, it has been made nearly palatable due to the surprising
culinary art of former army cook Private Fnord Pudding. I've watched a little television and
saw an interesting special about
Shamlicht Kids Club TV show host Brother Hullabaloo, and
have been reading the new porno-graphic novel
Lost Girls by Alan Moore and Melinda
Gebbie, and surviving fragments of the related
The Autobiography of Minnie Rae as actually
written by an unnamed naughty journalist.

"I received a nice get well card from Lord Snollygoster, a pottled plant from Reverend
Tomato, and a draft notice from General Prickle-Prickle that was sent to me by mistake. I
was pleased to be visited by Pope Snipe, Lord JuJu Rat, and Pontiff Crow Poop (who also
gave me a submission for our book).

"I should soon be able to walk down the hall with assistance according to Doctor Loser
Shoe, and be able to chase nurses if very, very slowly. I'm optimistic for the future, and have
already begun trying to get a double date with Sister Esoterica and Brother Pretzel Wether.

"I have to go now. Doctor Monkey Discord wants to examine me, I'm getting information on
donating my body parts to science from hospital chaplain Reverend Slimeball Poopyhead,
and my medical coverage is being reviewed by Miss Milksop Boner.

"Give my love to my friends and family, and give my enemies all my diseases.

"Yours Discordiantly,

Reverend Loveshade"
Send a get well message to (this was a temporary
email address, and is no longer).
Find your Holy Name at and your
Other Holy Name at
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Loveshade came
back in August 2006!
Note from the future:

It appears that
Reverend Loveshade
coined the term
"porno-graphic novel"
to describe a book
that's both a graphic
novel and
pornography. So
either R. L. has the
great mind e claims or
e's just obsessed with