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Xtra Stuff
Submission Guidelines
or How to Submit

(see also Stuff We Need Now)
Do you have Discordian and/or Ek-sen-trik material that we really need to see?  Then
send it to us!  In accordance with tradition,  there are five requirements for submitting to
Xtra Stuff.

1) We want stuff that’s either copyright-free, or that you or the work’s creator give us
permission to use (for our own protection, we want proof, don’t ya know).  Discordian
and Ek-sen-trik philosophy, photos, essays, animation, greeting cards, collages,
articles, poetry, drawings, paintings, graphics, cartoons, quotes, silliness, etc.  There’s
no pay, but you can show your work proudly to your friends, neighbors and parole

2) If possible, please edit your written material, or have a friend do it for you--it's more
likely we’ll take it!  But we might be able to help you with that, and will ask your
permission if we do
major edits but won't ask permission for minor edits (our call as to
what is major, us being egotists about our own talents).  But we can also use ideas for
cool stuff that we might put out there for somebody else to be inspired by.

3) What exactly do we want?  Heck if we know!  Check
our site or Principia Discordia or
Apocrypha Discordia or other cool sites for ideas.  (Or see Stuff We Need Now.)  It
doesn’t have to be exactly Discordian or Ek-sen-trik, but should be pretty close--or at
least a lot of fun!

4) If you’ve written a cool novel you want on our site or a series of 537 paintings, that
might be a bit much.  While our email storage is big, our minds can only hold so much
at a time!  You might want to send us some samples first (generally no more than 5
images, or 2 or 3 short written pieces--maybe 5 if they're
really short, like a paragraph.)

5) Remember we can’t use everything.  Your work might be great, but even Reverend
Loveshade wrote stuff that probably won’t end up on the site (but don’t tell The Rev.
that!)  If you have something we can’t use, you can always post your own stuff on your
own site (we give you permission).

You should get a response from us in a few days saying we've received your
submission, and hear a final decision from us in two to three months.  If you don't get
an initial response from us in a week, or don't hear our final decision in three months,
feel free to send us a polite inquiry to
ed_submit at loveshade.org (you know, change
the " at " to "@" just like it would be in any email address--it's that way to reduce spam)

So get those creative juices flowing, consult your pineal gland, and send us your ideas,
questions, and stuff to
ed_submit at loveshade.org (remember, change the " at " to
Please put something Discordian in the heading of your email that lets us know
it's a submission for
Xtra Stuff or (art or one line bits only)--starting the heading with
“XS” or "ED" would be fine.  If you don't, we may think it's spam and delete it.  Hail Eris!  
All Hail Discordia!
This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons
2.5 License.
The textured white wallpaper is by us and
released into the public domain.
If you didn't hear from us,
maybe it's because you didn't put
something obviously Discordian in
your heading so it will be read and
not deleted unread.  Examples:

XS You Have To See This --
You Have to See This -- DELETE

Discord Enlarge Your Penis -- READ
Enlarge Your Penis -- DELETE

Eris My Nude Pics -- READ
My Nude Pics -- READ
(OK, sometimes we make
exceptions--but don't count on it!)
Do you have something you'd like to
appear in one of our
Letters? We mostly publish
announcements of Discordian
projects and events, and a bit of
personal stuff about Discordians we
know.  See our
Snooze Letters for
examples.  If you do want to submit
something for an S.L., remember to
tell us who, what, where, when, why
and how.

(Who's doing it and who's it for; what
is it; where was it or will it be; when
did it happen or will happen; why is it
happening; and how is it happening.)

Understand if we accept your
announcement it may be edited.  But
it will be sent to a few hundred
people, and could been seen by any
of the thousands who visit our
website each month.
For submissions to other
parts of The Loveshade
Family site, go to