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Nest News
Shamlicht Girls kept Shamina or
"Mina" as mascot, but some of their
members changed. They also
adopted nicknames or club member
names. Nesters included Surely
Shy, French Fry, Ruckus, Lani Lina
Lian Lain, Midnight Ninnette, Goldie
Bear, Tommy Steamer, and a
member who later became known
in Discordian circles as Pope Hilde.

Sister Hooter continued to lead.
Shamlicht Boys kept their mascot
too, Shamenis also called "Menis."
Only one member left, but they
gained a couple more.  Many of the
members of nesters had
nicknames. In 2006 members
included Banger, Brassy, Chris, Hot
Dog Joey, Loud Larry, Sparky,
Sticks, and Top Hat.

Captain "Sesame Seed" Rogers
continued as the group's leader.