Ek-sen-trik Discordian

by Reverend Loveshade
The below are among the best Ek-sen-trik Discordian Links on the Internets, in our
not-so-humble opinion.  Some are "officially" Discordian and some aren't; but they're all
touched by Eris.

23 Apples of Eris: Hangout of some of the best-known and most creative 21st century
Discordians, but go there anyway.  New and classic Discordianisma, including the original
proposal to rename Planet X as Planet Eris ("
The Jake that Changed a World.")  New
features added about once a week to once a month; comments added daily ( (note: slowed
up considerably in late 2013 but excellent archives).  Provided by Professor
Mu-Chao/Professor Cramulus and others of like ilk.  

Chasing Eris:  Call em the Christopher Columbus of Discordia -- or maybe the Don
Quixote.  In any case, Brenton Clutterbuck aka Placid Dingo decided to travel the world in
search of Eris, or at least in search of the Goddess' followers.  The intrepid traveler met and
interviewed many, had posted a number of interviews, and plans a book on the adventure.  

The Church of the SubGenius:  This is THE House of Slack, home of God Bob "J.
R." Dobbs.  What Discordians would be if their IQs dropped below 150.  Photos, rants, some
dude named Jesus, weird mind-blowing stuff.  Is this real weird or fake weird?  We still don't
know.  Provided by the Rev. Ivan Stang and many others.  

Ek-sen-trik Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht: You didn't think we'd leave our
own site out, did you?  Copious samples from the finally released -- then quickly withheld --
EDTToS including Discordian holydays, Shamlicht Kids Club, Discordians for Jesus, The
Myth of the Adulthood Fairy, and classics such as The Myth of Starbuck (Ichabod).  Plus
more cool stuff.  Provided by the Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild.  

Historia Discordia: The place where everything old is new again.  Classic Erisiana
brought to you by crackpot historian Adam Gorightly and other weirdly creative people.  Tied
into the book
Historia Discordia which is either out now or should be soon.  Want to see
what Discordia looked like before she was famous?  

Illuminatus Inner Sanctum was one of the most active and best Discordian groups.  
Then the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack happened, and within a few months the side
was virtually dead.  But we revived it for its 9th birthday!  We got it active by March 19,
2009!  (Which by now means it's in need of resurrection again -- but check the classic stuff)


KerryThornley.com: The officially-unofficial website of Discordianism co-creator Kerry
Wendell Thornley aka Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst.  Find classic Discordiania,
interviews, and Discordian bits you won't find anywhere else.  Check out the "Second
Oswald" and the only person to write a book about suspected President John F. Kennedy
assassin Lee Harvey Oswald before the Kennedy assassination.  

Robert Anton Wilson: The website of the late, great Robert Anton Wilson, who wrote
about Discordianism with Robert Shea in
The Illuminatus! Trilogy and by himself in
Schrödinger's Cat Trilogy.  The person who worked to be an agnostic in all things wrote
several mind-blowing and mind-opening books you can still find on the master's website.  

S23 Wiki: A wiki of an eccentric, Discordian bent.  Read or edit some really cool articles
with some truly enlightening info, and also see a lot of worthless crap.  But in our grand
tradition, you can use the crap as fertilizer and plant something better!  Learn about Robert
Anton Wilson, Malaclypse the Younger, Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst, our own Reverend
Loveshade, and learn just why the pineapple is a sex object.  In English & Deutsch.  
Provided by whomever wants to contribute.

Uncyclopedia: The encyclopedia anyone can vandalism -- as long as it's funny.  Funnier
than Wikipedia; more scandalous than Fox News; more accurate than a scatter-brained
penguin on L.S.D. (well, maybe).  If it's in the news, it's probably twisted out of all proportion
here.  Home of made-up Oscar Wilde quotes -- and one of the first sites to prominently
feature Discordian American Princesses thanks to Miley Spears and friends.  Provided by
whomever adds to it.  

Random Web Site will send you, well, somewhere.  Created in the spirit of Chaotic Eris
and with a picture of God Bob to guide you, how can you possibly go wrong?  (Warning:
They try to cut out porn links.  Try.)  So click and learn how boring the Internet really is.  

Find your True Holy Name at
(We found Pornstar Floppy Stroker)

Find your Other True Holy Name at
(We found Pope Ultimate Dick)

Find your Discordian American Princess name at
(We found Princess Breezy Bikini)

John F Kennedy and the Second Oswald

Meet Discordians in Your Area at
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