St. Mae and we think Johnny Brainwash began KallistiCon, a Discordian (un)Convention (we
aren't certain who all was involved in creating it--if you know, let us know).

Some people who chose to remain anonymous created the Masquerade at Limbo Peak, better
known as
Discordian Cyberspace Masquerade (if they want their names revealed here, let us
know--we'll be happy to give credit).

Good To The Last Drop (aka Sister Creamy) began a thread on the DCM asking "Want to meet

A few of us discovered on that thread that we all lived relatively near each other.

Enlarge Your Manhood (aka Reverend Loveshade and Anonymous Lifeforms) proposed a
teeny tiny improvised get-together called
ShamliCon that was held in a country known as Texas.

Mr.Random andthe CoolKats (aka King Fish) couldn't get to ShamliCon, so proposed a
"similtanius meet up" called
Day of Discord.

Rev. St. Syn, KSC, began a section at to promote Day of Discord, and several people
including many of the above publicized it.
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We wouldn't want to give anyone the
impression that ShamliCon and Day of
Discord had anything to do with
Discordian Sex.  Really.

OK, so maybe a little.
Good To The Last Drop
May 31, 2008, 04:55:53 AM

Want to meet me?....I thought about it,
and I want to do it.... I'm a girl just so
you know. Young, and people say I'm
pretty. And I'll do....Anybody who's a
real Discordian.  Or at least to meet
you and see.

If you're interested, post here. After
this Masquerade is over, if you're in my
area or if I'm in yours, I want to meet
Mr.Random andthe CoolKats
June 03, 2008, 05:01:05 AM

Ya know its rather annoying that all
you texans are all able to get together
and whatnot while the rest of us cant
join in any of your reigndeer games.

That is why I propose that all
discordians and anyone else who
wants ta join in create a similtanius
meet up.

The meetups would be limited to
country and stateswhere apropriate,
But all discordians in the individual
areas would join up on a set day and
create a "Day of Discord" around the

Anyone who is interested in aiding with
the planning contact King Fish at Im thinking it would
happen some time in August.
Enlarge Your Manhood
June 03, 2008, 04:44:13 AM

...The idea for ShamliCon (we were
going to call it JanusCon, but
somebody already used that) was
inspired by the fact some of can't go to
go to KallistiCon because it's too far
away (or because we're still on that
$%%&! no fly list--at last count there's
over 700,000 American citizens on the
list, and it's growing).  It was also
inspired by this masquerade, and
finally by posts of a certain Good To
The Last Drop.  It ends up a few of us
Discordians may be not too far from
each other in Texas
The ideas for these get-togethers were
posted just hours or even minutes
before these threads were closed as
the Masquerade was ending.  This is
why these threads are short and had
to be followed up on other sites.
ironically no longer
exists. Neither does The links
are provided for
estorical purposes.