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can do it too) and is one of those public domain
We made the wallpaper, but release it into the
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Celebrate with Discordians in Your Area
You mean that
really weird lady
who lives down
the street might
be one of us?  
And her really
handsome son
If you can't read the graphic below, read
the text to the right and below.
Actually, read it anyway.
There are no fnords on this page.  So celebrate
wit hDiscordians in your area!
A few of us who
participated in
Cyberspace Masquerade
discovered we lived near
each other.  We got
together for a weekend
of Discordian fun in
something we called
ShamliCon, a rip off from
KallistiCon.  King Fish,
who participated in the
discussion but lived too
far away to join us, blew
the idea up to cover all of
Planet Earth as Day of
Discord.  Rev. St. Syn,
KSC, and others put the
word out.

Isn't it cool how
Discordian ideas can
spread like a rolling
snowball, or, maybe more
accurately, spread like a
chao turd?
Greetings Eris and Others,

This is rather simple. You merely need to start a thread with your general location (e.g.
Near Edinburgh) as the title and post posible locations for a meetup on Aug. 23. If you
find a thread with a location within reach just join in and aid in the planning.

Once you have a few people begin the planning for the days festivities. O:MF is
encouraged and consumables should be accouted for during the planning. If you are
having trouble coming up with any ideas for what to do check the Idea thread, or indeed
the O:MF forum. The date of Aug. 23 will not be enforced in any way but the idea of a day
of world-wide Mindfucks apeals to me. If you have any questions post them here I will try
to respond asap.

Even if you are unable to participate this should lead to being aware of other Discordians
in your area and a generaly hightened level of chaos.

A few people at have taken
upon themselves the guise of Eris as a
terrifying goddess with a cold knife in
the bosom.  If you go to the site, feel
free to ignore the flamers.  We
recommend posting your basic
location such as state or province,
nothing more specific.   (If you don't
want to post there, tell us and we'll
happily post your location for you).