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So over the past few weeks, a few new friends have directed me to meet this guy Pete. Pete's parents own a
building in NYC (at Astor Place). He has free access to the basement for whatever he wants. Apparently, it's
HUGE, though very cluttered at the moment. He's setting up some sort of hacker space there, but was also
interested in hosting a meet up space for the lunatic fringe. That's where I come in.

I haven't met the guy yet - I was supposed to meet him this weekend, but Situation Normal: All Fucked Up,
and we missed each other. But I should be having an official sit-down with him in the next week or two. So
after some initial probing by his friends, he's
totally hip to the idea.


A monthly meetup for Discordians, Subgenii, Pastafarians, Last Tuesdayists, Cthulhu Cultists, hackers,
artists, pranksters, any kind of lunatic fringe freaks. There will be music and dancing (I've already got a DJ
lined up), and of course, copious booze. But more importantly, I'd like to have it be somewhere you'd want to
show off your creative output. Every month, you'd give a 5 or 10 minute talk about what you've been working
on. Maybe people will help out. I'll have a huge box of posters and booklets and pamphlets to give out.
Maybe I'll be able to organize people into pursuing some sort of larger prank.

People would be free to read sermons, rants, and start discussions about topics of interest. Also, maybe we'd
have nerf gun fights, game scenarios, and a makeout closet.


How the hell do you advertize this? What I learned at the HOPE conference this weekend is that there are
Discordians out there. (If I wrote "Hail Eris?" on a poster, within an hour, someone had written in "ALL HAIL
DISCORDIA" underneath      ) They certainly do exist. But where are they? How do I get in contact with them?

Most Discordians (I've found) hang out in at least one of these circles:
-Pagan / Occult

so maybe there's some website for artists in NYC? Hackers in NYC? Occultists in NYC? I don't know. I'm
looking for ideas. Word of Mouth alone won't create a big gathering, and the bigger the better.

What other stuff would you (if you were attending) like to see at an event like this? What should I avoid, and
what should I expect?

Plans will change after I've got some concrete details about the kind of space I'll be getting, its availability, etc.

But in the mean time, please toss out any and all ideas concerning this space and what I should do with it.
How could I make this the fucking coolest thing ever?
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The good Professor Cramulus notified us
that, unfortunately, this ain't happening.

'The guy I was corresponding with
regarding a meetup space seems to have
dropped off the face of the earth. And I
got distracted by approx 100 other
projects. So none of that stuff is

So consider this page for estorical
purposes, and also for planning your own
Discordian meetup--see below!