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Discordian Division of the
Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild

Snooze Letter
May 2006
Part The Second
The “there’s something happening here, but what it is ain’t exactly clear” issue
There is a lot going on right now with our group and with the Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia.  So we decided to
split the Snooze Letter into two parts for this month. See
Part the First.


Binky the WonderSkull
(not our Binky, but a damn clever imitation) and Gerina wrote an
article about our
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia and posted it on Wikipedia! Super mega-
gnarly cool that would happen, huh?  But what happened next made it not so clear--within a
day or so after being posted, the article was marked for possible deletion!  We have gotten
a lot of support--and a lot of condemnation--from people we don’t even know.  Some
detractors say we aren’t important enough for an article, while others say all our legal
problems with the FBI and other agencies were made up.  We wish!  But hey, this is all
publicity!  See the article, if it’s still there, at
kuh_Discordia (the link to the discussion on its deletion is in the box at the top).  If it’s not
there, find it on our site.


Some people suggested the Wikipedia article for Apocrypha Discordia (www.en.wikipedia.
org/wiki/Apocrypha_Discordia) be deleted too, but others suggested it be merged with ours.  
The discussion is still going on, but in the meantime,
IamthatIam has posted an article
merger!  See it at


Did you notice that Ek-sen-trik-kuh has a weird spelling?  We thought you did.  We think
that’s cool, and it’s based on the name of the 1981 group the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild.  But
it makes it hard for people to find on a search engine (how do I spell that?), and there are so
many works called fill-in-the-blank Discordia that we could get lost in the crowd.  So now our
book has a subtitle--maybe.  For now, it’s
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of
.  Let us know if you like it, hate it, or want something else.


The vote on accepting the proposed "The Cloved Lemon Kissing Game" was three
tongues and one “only with my mouth closed” verses one “ew, yuck.”  So the game,
proposed for inclusion by
Mythics of Harmonia founders Princess Unicornia and Fairy
Princess Yoshikyoko
(and ripped off from the Society for Creative Anachronism), is in the
book.  (We didn’t count the vote for “only if they kiss my ass.”)   We got a split vote on
calling the Lesser Order the
Lesser Disorder of Cloved Lemon Kissers or the Lesser
Disorder of the Cloved Lemon
.  So we’ll either wait for more votes, make an arbitrary
decision, or just list both.  We'll take votes until the end of this month on "
How I Became a
" by C. S. Martin and Steve Lewis, and "The Myth of the Nipples" by Max
Flax Beeblewax
.  (It's acceptable to vote for your own piece!)


For those who don’t know, our Minister of Deviant Art Danacasso’s computer was infected
with some sort of Trojan virus (Hmm, wasn’t it our Goddess Discordia whose actions led to
the Trojan War?)  Seriously, Danacasso sadly lost some cool stuff.  But the good news is,
an overseas benefactor is helping out on a new and improved computer, and promised “the
check is in the mail.”  Now where have we heard that before?


Learn the real reason society declares someone an adult based on birthdays in the already-
controversial "
The Myth of the Adulthood Fairy" by Reverend Loveshade with
Princess Unicornia and Fairy Princess Yoshikyoko.  See some recently-exposed details
Minnie Rae and her lost panties in the revised "The Holy Relics"; and read the
Wikipedia articles on Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia on our site (where it won’t get deleted
tomorrow).  A classic for our German friends is "
Fünf Blinde und ein Elefant" from the
Apocrypha Diskordia, or "Five Blind Men and an Elephant"; and finally,
read the long-awaited actual transcript of "
The Wedding of The Mary (cuteleaderjester)
to Apparently_a_pseudonym, Danacasso, and Razmear".  This was seized and held by
the FBI (yes, that’s true), so it must be hot!


Sister Lorraine of Fairy Tree
, newest member of the Mythics of Harmonia and the
youngest writer to submit to our site so far, is having a birthday this month. The sister's
submitted poem is attached. Congrats Lorraine!



We have a lot of cool stuff to consider!  Attachments include “Who the Hell is E?” by
Reverend Loveshade, and “Harmonian-Discordian Poetry” from Principia Harmonia.  
We can send these as inline text if you so request.  (If you're reading this here, there's
obviously no attachments.  Email us at the address below and request them).  We'll take
votes for and against through 15 June 2006.  Coming soon: Look for more “Animal Sex,”
“Pussy Fun,” “A Thumbnail Sketch of the D & D of the ECG,” “Illuminati Chess,” “Estory of
the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild,” some “Discordian Poetry,” “The Sacred Bowel Movement,”
and more!

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Snooze Letter
May 2006
Part II
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A sample Snooze Letter of
the Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild
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We had a holyday battle: D & D of the ECG member
Danacasso thought of
Imaginary Friend Day, but the
Mythics of Harmonia thought something imaginary
should belong to them.  You can see details of the resulting compromise
holyday, listed below, on our site.

May 31 (5
Confusion): Syaday (PD) (or Gulikday)/Fearless Fred Day (DD)
May 37 (11
Confusion): 537 Day (ECG)
June 21 (26
Confusion): Imaginary Friend/Captain Tuttle Day (DD)/(MH)
The Sacred Chao
The Sacred Chao