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Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild

Snooze Letter

February 2007
Greyfaces at Wikipedia
are still threatening to
delete and/or gut the
article on
Works!  Help there
before it's too late!
The Exposure II Issue
Part I
Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild
Snooze Letter

February 2007

The “Exposure” Issue II

This being part two of the two-part Exposure issue, in which a daughter of Robert Anton Wilson
comments on "Grandbob," a weird synchronicity with
The Book is discovered, we announce the latest
inductees into The Order of the Pineapple, and we discuss the FBI's written confession on our


This order began 25 years ago on 18 January 1982 (which someone pointed out was coincidentally
Robert Anton Wilson
's 50th birthday) when a pineapple was presented to the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild
co-founder, Vice President
Alien.  Pat Pineapple later became the ECG's mascot (and our Patron
Saint), and since then, 18 January (Chaos 18) has become known as
Pat Pineapple Day.  This is the
only day an honoree can be inducted into the highly exclusive
Order of the Pineapple.  The Order (or
DisOrder, if you prefer) honors those who have made an exceptional contribution in promotion of
individualism, creativity, and eccentricities.  Only the ECG as a whole, or a member of the order, could
nominate a new member, and as the original cluborguild faded into history and the order's members
scattered to the five winds, no new inductees have been made for many years--until now.

On 18 January 2007 (Chaos 18 3173), the disorder gained two very worthy members for its 25th
anniversary, whom we are now exposing to you.  First is
Mythics of Harmonia co-founder Princess
!  Unicornia not only co-founded the Mythics, but has been instrumental in gaining art work
and in writing and researching original articles, stories and poetry for our evolving book,
Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht; in recruiting members and supporters (including most members of
both the Mythics and
Discordians for Jesus); in sponsoring our site; and in some cases being
Reverend Loveshade's third hand (yeah, I itch right there).  Congrats, a fnord, two smagmoids, and
three fanny slaps for Unicornia!

The second member is one who, by rights, should have been honored years ago.  This is none other
than Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild founding President
Zeus!  Somehow Zeus, whom ECG co-founder Alien
had credited with doing most of the work in getting the original club going, never got awarded.  The club
was a haven for people who were creative and different, which is exemplified by Zeus.  Zeus led them to
sponsor school dances when no one else would, arrange field trips, put on coed sleepover parties that
exemplified responsible chaos, and receive both an award as best new club and legal trouble from the
college administration.  All great reasons for giving Zeus a
fnord, two smagmoids, and three wedgies!


Reverend Loveshade got a very nice email from Christina Pearson, one of the two surviving daughters
Robert Anton Wilson.  While Christina still asserts that RAW had no biological grandchildren, Bob's
daughter said to
Reverend Loveshade, "By all means, bob is your Grandbob!"  So there,
disbelievers!  Pfffft!

You can still post comments about Reverend Loveshade's Grandbob (and see comments by Christina
Pearson, Illuminatus! comic book artist
Mark P. Steele aka Icarus 23, St. Mae and others) at, and learn about RAW events and
more RAW stuff at  Many of them are planned for 18 February,
which is both the
Chinese New Year and Saint The Mary Day.

(For Now...)

That's right, the second attempt to delete the Wikipedia article Discordian Works failed--thanks to those
who gave support!  Although in spite of that decision, somebody deleted the part on
Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht
and on A Discordian Coloring Book.  But somebody else added
them right back.  Are they still there right now?  You'll have to check to find out.  (If anyone thinks this
whole anti-Discordian thing smacks of pettiness, we won't disagree.)  See the article at
http://en. and the discussion at
Articles_for_deletion/Discordian_Works_%282nd_nomination%29.  There's also a page on the
continuing controversy at


When Cherub Princess Shamlicht gave the revelation to create the ED: TToS on 2 July 2005 (Mid
Year's Day), the princess said the work would take "5 years and 37 days, maybe more, maybe less.  I
am not an accountant.."  Of course
537 is our primary number.  As we announced in our last Snooze
Letter, the rough draft of the written portion was completed on 21 December 2006 (Winter
Solstice/Summer Solstice, depending upon hemisphere).  We thought it was pretty cool that it both
began and ended on a holiday.  Well
Sister Lorraine of Fairy Tree (with a little assistance from An
Anonymous Source
) proved to be not only a poet and co-founder of Discordians for Jesus, but a
young math whiz as well.  Lorraine discovered that between 2 July 2005 and 21 December 2006 is
537 days!  Bizzare!

We find it fascinating that during that 537 days:


No, we aren't about to reveal the entire report the American Federal Bureau of Investigation made on
us.  First, it's much too long; second, we haven't yet seen all of it (one of our legal advisors said we likely
never will); and three, it contains some personal information on some innocent individuals that we don't
want to expose to the public eye.  But we will tell you that it states that the FBI returned
everything that
was given to them in our investigation.  For those who know how U.S. Government investigations go, this
means that they found nothing illegal.  For example, if a law enforcement agency investigates you for
possessing cocaine and then later concludes you thought it was a plastic bag of innocent powered milk,
they still won't give you back the cocaine!

Princess Unicornia has kindly suggested that we request donations to help with our still overwhelming
legal expenses (one of our friends was financially ruined because of it).  While we certainly appreciate
the suggestion, we and our friend are loathe to beg.  But we have compromised, and do plan to put up
Pay Pal buttons that will let people easily support the work and help with the expenses of the
Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild and/or The Loveshade Family and/or legal expenses.  Thanks
for your support!

((See a list of all our holydays with a link to full descriptions at

February 18 (49
Chaos): The Mary Day (ED)
February 19 (50
Chaos): Chaosflux (PD)
February 20 (51
Chaos): Pet Loving Day (O) (NEW!)
February 29 (
St. Tib's Day): St. Tib's Day (PD)/Leaping Birth Day (ED)
February 30 (?????):
The Unknown Holyday
March 10 (69 Chaos): Head Chicken/Chicken Head Day (MH)
March 19 (5
Discord): Mojoday (PD) or Lingananday
March 25 (11 Discord): Discordians for Jesus/Love Your Neighbor (DJ) (NEW!)
April 1 (18
Discord): April Fool's Day (O)
April 2 (19
Discord): St John the Blasphemist's Day (ED)
April 6 (23
Discord): Jake Day (O)


We have several submissions for Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht that we'd like to
hear your opinion on.  Some of these are "Animal Sex: Furry and Feathery," "Five Basic Beliefs: A
Discordian Version," "The Golden Apple," and "The Lawn."  Please let us know what you think by 1
March 2007 by sending an email to the address below.
(If you'd like to see these and aren't
receiving our Snooze Letters, check the directions below.)

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Snooze Letter
February 2007
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A Snooze Letter of
the Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild
  • The Mythics of Harmony and Discordians for Jesus were conceived, and several articles and
    references about our work appeared online.

  • The FBI gave written confirmation that the agency found no seized material to be illegal (see

  • Planet X was named after our Goddess Eris.

  • And 53 days after the end of that period, which is approximately 7 weeks, Robert Anton Wilson
    passed away (moved to Planet Eris).