ShamliCon UnConventioners
Purple Ferret's Nest of Shamlicht Kids Club
Our Motel Room

ShamliCon-SKC Swim Party


PosterGASM (coming)
Our motel room before
Our motel room after
Our Motel Room Before
(one bed not shown)
ShamliCon-SKC Swim Party
(faces are covered for privacy)
Can you find the following items in the photo above?
Ice bucket, chaostar, The Illuminatus! Trilogy, box of Trojan condoms, phone book, pair of
pants, leather belt, roll of toilet paper, "for rectal use only" stickers, Gideon Bible, Binky
the WonderSkull, pair of bikini panties, map, brochures, slip, package from St. Mae,
telephone, poster, shoes, "poison" stickers, pair of boxer briefs,
Principia Discordia,
T-shirt, lamps, HBO schedule, loose pages of
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of
, brassiere, measuring tape, dildo, end table, 1000 Blank White Cards, pair of
shorts, pair of thong panties, "for vaginal use only" stickers, towel, Pope card, pair of
boxers, used condom, bed.
ShamliCon UnConventioners
ShamliCon: A Discordian UnConvention
Cherub Princess Shamlicht
by an Anonymous Lifeform, Perlie the Pony Girl, Reverend Loveshade, Sister Creamy,
Binky the WonderSkull (as the token dead head)
Motel Bible with Pope Card
Five of us showered together
Our Motel Room After
(one bed not shown)
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