We decided to go to a real restaurant on our last day, so went to an all-you-can eat place that had a
much cheaper price if you got there before 11 a.m.  That way we could have breakfast, then when the
items changed to the dinner menu at 11, have dinner, all for one low price.

We checked out of our motel room, making sure we left a Pope card in the blue-cover Gideon Bible.  
We also each gave Reverend Loveshade a pair of our underwear, which e insisted was a
long-standing tradition (although Anon made em pay for es pair).  We then decided to try wearing
each other's underwear for our outing at the restaurant.  This became something of a reprise of our
"Goldilocks and the Three Bears" theme.  But unfortunately, not everybody's fit everybody else,
although Anon persisted in trying to get into Sister Creamy's black and pink "I Love You" thong
knickers (
Mythics of Harmonia may have hidden an identical pair in their Erister Egg Hunt).

As luck would have it, we ended up in line at the Golden Corral immediately behind a deputy of the
local sheriff's department.  E was by emself, but looked big enough to eat for two.  At Loveshade's
insistance, we sat at a table on the opposite end of the restaurant from where the cop sat, and on
Anon's insistance, we sat with a wall behind us and a partition immediately to our left where we could
see everyone else in our section but they were less likely to notice us.  The food was quite good, and
they had a very large selection, with dozens and dozens of different kinds of food.

We decided to do something Discordian at the restaurant, but something that wouldn't get us all
thrown out before we'd eaten all we wanted to eat.  So we got soup and, instead of eating it out of
spoons, slurped our soup directly out of our lifted bowls.  We got some very strange looks, but made
sure we weren't doing it when a restaurant employee--or the deputy--was in eye shot.

Loveshade wanted us to visit
Gypsie Skripto (a  contributor to ED:TToS), but we knew that would be
quite a drive.  Also there was a bit of a conflict between G
ypsie's Pagan group and the one we'd
brought in summer with.  So we decided to postpone that meeting and the trip to the Branch Davidian
site for another get-together.

We ended our so-called convention with an informal goodbye next to the river.  Law enforcement
seemed to be a theme for our weekend get-together, so we decided to culminate it with a cop-flavored
variation of a traditional Discordian game.  We had a short game of Sink, which consisted mostly of
dropping small rocks or bits of drift wood in the river while saying we were "sinking" law enforcement
types.  For example, "I sink the cops who questioned me this week," "I sink the officer who gave me
the speeding ticket when I wasn't speeding," "I sink the security guard at Wal-Mart," and "I sink the
cop who patted me down for no apparent reason other than he wanted to cop a feel and I didn't object
because I didn't want him to decide to search my car where he'd find my hidden baggie of bud."

We then kissed each other in public (which unfortunately drew little attention except from a couple of
joggers), gave each other a spank, and went our separate ways.

That's our report for the first and likely only ShamliCon.  We're praying that Sister Creamy's vision of
giving birth was just a vision, and not the future result of our weekend activities....
by an Anonymous Lifeform, Perlie the Pony Girl, Reverend Loveshade, Sister Creamy,
Binky the WonderSkull (as the token dead head)
This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons
3.0 License.  The image of the cherub is
believed to be in the public domain--if you
know otherwise, please let us know.  The name
ShamliCon is a trademark of The Loveshade
Sunday, 22 June 2008
Day Three

of the first, and probably only,

ShamliCon: A Discordian UnConvention
Cherub Princess Shamlicht