In the morning, Anon said that Perlie the Pony Girl, who claimed to be one of the Mythics of
Harmonia's virgin members, might have been slightly exaggerating on es level of inexperience.  So we
decided that later in the day we would all have a Born Again Virgin ceremony, and all be re-virginized.

We then went to drive-thrus to order food.  First we visited the local McDonald's, where we ordered
Whoppers (which are sold only by Burger King).  When they said they didn't have Whoppers, and
were the food chain that carried Big Macs, we ordered a Baconator, which you can only get at
Wendy's.  Next we asked for chili burritos (which they also don't carry).  Feeling we had abused the
poor employees enough, we then went to Burger King, and ordered Big Macs.

We planned to put up chaotic posters in the evening, but realized we didn't have enough push pins
for our posters.  So we had a shopping trip to HEB which quickly devolved.  "Pardon me, but can you
direct me to the Discordian aisle?  You don't know where that is?  Well, I'm sure it's in the Pagan
section."  We were also going to get cloves and a lemon for the
Cloved Lemon Kissing Game, but
considering our activities of the previous evening, didn't feel those would be necessary.

We thought about going to the local public library and sneaking a copy of
Principia Discordia or
another Discordian work onto the shelves, but none of had brought a copy of anything we wanted to
part with.  We decided we'd have to find a way to get some Discordian works printed really cheaply.  
So instead we inserted Discordian Pope cards into various books, especially those having to do with
Christian fundamentalism, Judaism and Islam.  It was the first time any of us had been to a library in
years without using the Internet, but we decided to voluntarily continue our withdrawal (although Perlie
cheated when e thought the rest of us weren't looking).

We then decided to do a little Discordian evangelism.  We split into two groups,
and Sister Creamy in one group, and an Anonymous Lifeform and Perlie the Pony
in the other.  Binky the WonderSkull decided to sit this part out.  We knocked on doors and
went to local businesses, witnessing for Eris.  We primarily used
Lord Omar's "A Primer for Erisian
Evangelists" from
Principia Discordia.  Most people ignored us, even refusing to open their doors.  
But some listened, and Anon and Perlie got into a fascinating discussion with a young woman named
Julia who was considering Wicca.  E was a good sport, and even did the Bodyshake with them.

When the five of us (including Binky) got back together, Revy Love and Creamy brought two guys
who called themselves
Chris and Fitz.  Anon and Perlie didn't believe the two decided to join us out
of any zeal for Discordian theology, but more out of a desire to join four horny people in a motel
room.  As Anon and Perlie were a little hesitant about sharing our bedchamber with complete
unknowns, we gave them Pope cards and a couple Discordian posters with push pins, let them do the
Bodyshake with us, gave them a list of Discordian websites, and sent them on their way.

Saturday evening was our time for Postergasm.  We had printed out some of
Professor Cramulus'
posters, and made a couple of our own.  While two people posted, the other two stood guard (Binky
guarded our vehicle).  It was still relatively early, and we wanted to get the posters up without anyone
knowing who did it.  Especially Anon and Revy Love, who are both nervous around anyone wearing a

At one point a security guard who worked for the Wal-Mart we were postering wandered by.  Even
though e didn't seem to notice us, we hid the posters we were carrying.  Anon overcame es
nervousness and pointed to the cat poster we'd just put up.  E asked the man, "Do you know what this
is?"  The guard looked at it closely and said, "No, I don't.  But there's a fine for putting up signs in
public without a permit."  Anon said, "Why would somebody do something like this?"  The security
guard said, "I didn't know," and left.  Oddly, e left the poster there.

We had planned to do both an Erisening ceremony to "officially" name Sister Creamy as Sister
Creamy, and also perform a group Born Again Virgin ceremony in the motel swimming pool.  As
described in
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht, both ceremonies involve being
dressed in nothing more than a thin white sheet and possibly a pair of underwear, if not completely
naked.  For that reason, we wanted to do the ceremonies very late when everybody else would be in

Unfortunately (in retrospect, probably fortunately), a motel sign said the pool would be closed from
9:30 p.m. to 9 a.m.  We didn't all agree to climb the fence (and some of us didn't want to take a
chance on getting kicked out when we still had one night left), so we were left pool-less.  But what are
Discordians if not improvisers?  So we Erisened Sister Creamy in our motel room shower.  We then
decided to perform the Born Again Virgin ceremony for all of us by showering together platonically.  
Getting four people and a skull in one motel shower at the same time wasn't easy.  But what are
Discordians if not determined?
by an Anonymous Lifeform, Perlie the Pony Girl, Reverend Loveshade, Sister Creamy,
Binky the WonderSkull (as the token dead head)
This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons
3.0 License.  The image of the cherub is
believed to be in the public domain--if you
know otherwise, please let us know.  The name
ShamliCon is a trademark of The Loveshade
ShamliCon 2008: Day 3

Sunday, 22 June 2008
ShamliCon: A Discordian UnConvention
Cherub Princess Shamlicht
Day Two

of the first, and probably only,

Saturday, 21 June 2008