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Snooze Letter
June - July 2009
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This being the exposure issue, in which we reveal how you can submit to Raising Eris, a book for
raising Discordian kids; show the results of the name debate between Shamlicht Kids Club and
Smagmoid Kids Club; flash the better-known identity of
Intermittens 7: Operation Mindfuck editor
Sheered Völva; and shine a light on Operation Mindfuck's Patron Saint and
The Illuminatus!
's prime prankster, The Midget.


The truth is out, and the editor has been outed. Sheered Völva, editor of the current Intermittens
issue, has been revealed to be none other than...........our own
Reverend Loveshade. There have
been several clues (look for them in issue 7), the biggest perhaps being that the S.V. name is an
anagram. This mindfuck within the mindfuck issue gave The Rev a chance for es work to be judged
on its own merits by those who, frankly, hate em. Reverend Loveshade is pleased that the issue
received a great deal of praise, especially from those who previously accused em of being a
no-talent hack. In a rare moment of modesty, e gives the credit to the talented contributors and those
patient souls who helped em figure out how to use Scribus.

Among other cool things,
Intermittens 7: Operation Mindfuck contains a previously unpublished
piece by Discordian co-founder
Kerry Thornley, and an interview by Pope Hilde with one of the
original Erisians,
Richard Marshall who reveals the true identity of The Illuminatus' Trilogy's The

See the issue's captivating ad by the editor immediately below:

It's up and out and on the Interfnords!

Direct Link:
Links to All Issues: www.intermittens.org and www.intermittens.info and

I was fortunate to have some great contributors, including some of you! Most of the contents are
listed below.

Things that have never been published anywhere, even online, are marked with

'The Jake That Changed A World'
by Professor Mu-Chao and others

'Operation Mindfuck Cyclopedia' by various

* 'Dear Rev. Charles Stanley' by Kerry Thornley

'More Exercises to Mindfuck Yourself'
by various

'Rant For / Against OM' by KunDa and Bmearns

'Mutton Chops'
by Nigel

* 'Shamlicht Kids Club'
by Captain 'Sesame Seed' Rogers and Sister Hooter

* 'An Interview with original Erisian Richard Marshall'
by Pope Hilde

'The Original H2O Jake'
by Terrorists For Truth

* 'Con the Cons'
collected by the editor

'I Wonder What She'd Say' by Ratatosk

Plus classic and original artwork by several great people including cover art by Alden

: In the tradition began by the first issue, some parts may be considered NSFW.

Direct Link:
Links to All Issues: www.intermittens.org and www.intermittens.info and


The votes are in. While the vote was considered advice (the leaders and members of SKC had the
final say), it agreed with the group's decision. Depending upon whom you ask, the club either
decided to keep their original name, or to adopt a new one. In any case, the club shall henceforth be
known as:

Shamlicht Kids Club.

The vote was 12,000 in favor of Shamlicht, and 8,000 in favor of Smagmoid (OK, so we may be
fudging slightly on the vote count).
Cherub Princess Shamlicht is the daughter of Eris-Discordia
Aneris-Harmonia, and the two precursors to the modern club (formed this century by Sister
and Captain 'Sesame Seed' Rogers) were both inspired by es appearance. Besides,
nobody knew what 'smagmoid' (spoken by
The Crow Who Says Smagmoid) meant anyway.

We are honored to be hosting aspects of the Shamlicht Kids Club site at
discordia.loveshade.org/skc, but the club is in the process of building its own website, so look for it.


Shamlicht Kids Club is still looking for a logo. As each group is really independent in spite of the
supposed structure, several of the members and leaders think it would be fun to have some sort of
logo they could adapt at will. See
discordia.loveshade.org/skc for more about the group. Then send
your artwork or suggestions to them at the address listed there. (Note: this email address will soon
be replaced as the group will soon have its own website).


This report is by the talented writer Nigel. If you have experience with children, we seriously
recommend considering this project.

Hello, Discordian parent-types, older siblings and writers! I am working on a book project on
Discordian parenting, and after reading the fabulous
Intermittens #7 I realized that it would be a far
richer project (not to mention far more likely to actually be completed) if it were collaborative rather
than solitary. What I am looking for is essays on parenting with a Discordian bent, project ideas for
little Discordians, and any other writings (memoirs, songs, games, poetry and recipes) that are
Discordian and have something to do with kids.

My goal is to get it in front of as many eyes as possible; the idea of a Discordian parenting book on
the shelves at Barnes & Noble cracks me up. A Real Live Publisher will do the best job of that, and
while unlikely to lead to fame or fortune, it would be a nice publication credit for everyone involved.
To that end, I will pitch this book to Llewellyn press (and if that fails, smaller presses; suggestions
gratefully accepted) for big-girl publication in the hope that this will end up on shelves in the big chain
stores. If it is not accepted by any third-party publishing companies, I'll self-publish it as Fnord Press.
In either case, submissions will be copyrighted to the authors and royalties apportioned equally
between all contributors, unless an author specifically wishes to opt out and release their work under
a Creative Commons license.

Due to my intentions to submit this book to third-party publishers, I cannot accept previously
published work, or work that is licensed under the Creative Commons no-profit license.

Email submissions to
raisingeris at gmail.com (We've substituted " at " for "@" to lessen the
chance of this post drawing spam). Please make sure you include the name you wish to have your
contribution credited to. If this goes to publication with a "real" publishing house I will also need your
legal name and mailing address for royalties. Your legal identity will be held in strictest confidentiality.

Please repost this far and wide!


We are happy to report that The Good Revered Roger is recovering quite nicely after es heart
skipped a beat or two. Yes, we know TGRR wrote about Reverend Loveshade,"I fucking hate him."
But even though the hate may be real, spewing like that is the talented and funny Roger's schtick, so
we love em anyway.

Fanny Slaps to
Shamlicht AL, who with Minima leads Purple Ferret's Nest of Shamlicht Kids
; Rosey Tiger, a founding member of said nest; and to our friend Perlie the Pony Girl.

(Note: In America, "fanny" refers to the bottom or buttocks. Spanking the bottom for someone's
birthday is a hallowed tradition, and represents the bottom slap doctors used to give to newborn
babies to get them to start breathing on their own).


Intermittens 7: Operation Mindfuck eduted (sic) by Sheered Völva disguised as Reverend
is at discordia.loveshade.org/xtra/intermittens.html.  All extant issues are there. Our
May 2009 Snooze Letter is at http://
discordia.loveshade.org/xtra/snooze/snooze0905.html. Yes,
that's fewer additions than we usually have in two months, but we've been rather busy....


(See a list of all our holydays with a link to full descriptions at

May 37 (11 Confusion):
537 Day (ECG)
June 10 (15 Confusion):
Mad Hatter Day (O)
June 21 (26 Confusion):
Imaginary Friend/Captain Tuttle Day (ED)/(MH)
July 2 (37 Confusion):
Mid Year's Day (ECG)
July 15 (50 Confusion):
Confuflux (PD)
August 10 (3 Bureaucracy):
Multiversal Underwear Day (O)/(MH)
August 12 (5 Bureaucracy):
Zaraday (PD)
August 25 (18 Bureaucracy):
Festival of Hanky-Panky Spankies (MH)
September 9 (33 Bureaucracy):
Cat Dancing & Foot Fetish Day aka Pussyfoot Day (ED)
September 13 (37 Bureaucracy):
Mass of Planet Eris/Eristotle (ED)/(MH)
September 26 (50 Bureaucracy):
Bureflux (PD)
October 3 (57 Bureaucracy):
Shamlicht Kids Club Day (ED)
October 5 (59 Bureaucracy):
Gonkulator Day (Gonculator Day) (ED)
October 6 (60 Bureaucracy):
Mad Hatter Day (O)
October 12 (66 Bureaucracy):
Habeas Corpus Remembrance Day (ED)


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Snooze Letter
June - July 2009
A Snooze Letter of
the Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild
This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons
2.5 License.
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