Below is a report on the activities of a Shamlicht Kids Club nest.  A nest is its
smallest group, usually with five to 10 members.  Some of these reports were made
before the end of the year, so may be incomplete.

Dayak Fruit Bat's Nest

We are the first Church of the SubGenius chapter!

We use the Shamlicht name, but call our club Slackful Kids Club. We are related to
the Home for Slackless Children. This is our first year.

We are Dayak Fruit Bat's Nest in Hummingbird Tree, Grove Barbie, Forest
Malaysia. Our founders are Paderi Atiqah binte Paya and Rev. Kalvin "Klan" Hariz
and we started on 5 July 2015.

Some Discordians do not believe we exist. But they also do not believe in Malaysia!


Paderi Atiqah binte Paya and Rev. Kalvin "Klan" Hariz
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