Below is a report on the activities of a Shamlicht Kids Club nest.  A nest is its
smallest group, usually with five to 10 members.  Some of these reports were made
before the end of the year, so may be incomplete.

Purple Ferret's Nest

Welcome to the first nest after the SKC merger!

Unfortunately, our club was largely inactive after the early part of the year. We did
have a couple get-gethers and an Erister Egg Hunt, but other than that it was a
relatively quiet year. Many of our members have largely outgrown the club to the
point we could have more nestlers than nestlings!

Our members are Bumper Bunny, Koko Kitty (who's actually gone at college),
Rosey Tiger, Harry Monkey, Joe Monkeyshines, Leghornia (Nuthatch), Greenfox,
Mellow Yellow Butterfly, Great Gryphon, Necia Nandibear, and Ghost Horse.

Your Shamlichtly,

Nestlers Shamlicht Al, Minima, Bishop Bangkok

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