Below is a report on the activities of a Shamlicht Kids Club nest.  A nest is its
smallest group, usually with five to 10 members.  Some of these reports were made
before the end of the year, so may be incomplete.

Little Stinger's Nest

We brought back Little Stinger's Nest!

It was started in 2008 by Princess Unicornia and Fairy Princess Yoshikyoko. It was
active then lay fallow for a while when they were busy with college.

We had an Erister Egg Hunt before we really began, but some of our members
participated. We started again on Wednesday, June 17, 2015. The nest began on
June 21, 2008, so that was almost its anniversary. We had a kids retreat and did
yard work and housecleaning for people and helped with a carnival! We also had
parties including a swim party.

We had several kids earn merit badges. Our members are Queenie Beanie, Pony
Emily, Hot Rocks, Giga Bell, and Bryan.

Nestlers Nixie Nurita and Sister Lorraine of Fairy Tree

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