Below is a report on the activities of a Shamlicht Kids Club nest.  A nest is its
smallest group, usually with five to 10 members.  Some of these reports were made
before the end of the year, so may be incomplete.

Wildwood Beaver's Nest

Having a club house had made all the difference!

Now in our fourth year, our membership almost doubled. We had tried getting a
clubhouse in a barn, but other commune projects always took precedence. This
year it's built and being used a great deal by our commune, other groups, and of
course the SKC!

Our resident nestlers are Reverend Loveshade and Ms. MC with assistant nestler
Dr. Emma aka Untroubled Teen.
Members are Red Nosey, Puffletoes Twinkleton, .
Princess Pineapple Fnordia, Toot Fish, Lemon Peeper, and Dizzy Limbo (who
thought about being called Emperor Everlasting Wet-Paint).
Milkey Man
unfortunately moved.

We had our annual Erister Egg Hide (for those doing an Easter Egg Hunt), did
some not-too-naughty mischief on Mischief Night, gave Pope cards to random
strangers (if you think adults get a funny reaction when handing them out, you
should see what happens when they're given by kids!), had a party for Shamlicht
Kids Club, helped give food and clothing to those in need, and had a bonfire or

Having fun Shamlistically,

Reverend Loveshade and Ms. MC with Untroubled Teen
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