Below is a report on the activities of a Shamlicht Kids Club nest.  A nest is its
smallest group, usually with five to 10 members.  Some of these reports were made
before the end of the year, so may be incomplete.

Nest of Pink Vipers

This year was our 10th anniversary!

Sister Hooter founded Shamlicht Girls in 2005, the same year Captain "Sesame
Seed" Rogers founded Shamlicht Boys.

We had a reunion day at the park which brought out many of our former members.
It was a wonderful day and we were sad to see it end. We did our usual trash
clean-ups, and again danced and sang for some nursing homes with two more
homes this year! We had a dance and a field trip to a bakery.

Our Nestlings this year are Kallixti Girl, Princess Mugwump Cat, GoGirl (who was
Gotcha), Able Mable, and Chocolate Charly. Our mascot is the yellow parakeet
named December 21.

We have a wonderful group!

Sister Hooter (nestler), Pope Hilde (retired nestler) and Pineapple Patty (assistant
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