The "Sorry We're a Little Bit Late" Issue
Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks

Snooze Letter
September-November 2008
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Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild
Snooze Letter

September-November 2008

The "Sorry We're a Little Bit Late" Issue

This being the "Sorry We're a Little Bit Late" Issue, in which we have an easy way for you to
make suggestions/comments on our Snooze Letter/site/nose hair, keep you posted on a
probably innocent man's once-again stayed execution, try listening to the radio, think about
nominations for the Order of the Pineapple, see an update on Colbertgasm (an OMGASM),
and give you an update on a coming Discordian book that may hold contributions from you.


The book for the Discordian Cyberspace Masquerade (name currently under debate) is in it's
seventh draft, according to "
Hairacles."  It will contain various items posted during the masq,
plus some cool bonus stuff--or so we've heard.  A rumor says our good friend "
Danacasso" is
helping with layout, but who beleives rumors?  In any case, Hairacles said, "Trusts me - will be
worth the wait."

See more comments and get updates at


Every once in a while we get serious, and this is one of those times.  Anthony Davis was
scheduled for execution, but it was stayed.  Then he was scheduled to be executed again; the
U. S. Supreme Court put a stay on it two hours before it was scheduled to happen.  Then, very
surprisingly, they didn't re-examine the case!  So he was set to be executed again.  This time
another court stopped it.  Now he may actually be getting a hearing on December 9.

Davis was convicted of killing a police officer.  But after his conviction, seven of the nine
witnesses against him recanted their testimony--some even said they were coerced into
testifying by the police!  There's no physical evidence linking him to the crime, the murder
weapon was never found, and Davis has continued to assert his innocence.  Strangely, one of
the two witnesses who still claims Davis did it has been identified by several people as the one
who actually did the killing.  But a handy-dandy 1990s Greyface law makes it virtually impossible
to rehear a homicide case after conviction.

Many friends and members of the
Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild and
other assorted Discordians have joined
The Loveshade Family in sending in emails, etc. to
help.  It may actually have worked!  At least Davis is still alive.

But when will it all end?  You can see more and post your opinions by checking The Loveshade
Family Blog at


Radio Free Discordia is not on the air, or so it appears.  The project got derailed, but hopefully
will soon be on track.  If you want to contribute, schedule or own show, help with tech, or
generally get in the way, look for updates at


One of our oldest and most prestigious DisOrders is the Order of the Pineapple.  It honors
those who have made exceptional contributions of extreme discord and eccentricity in service
to the Discordian Division of the
Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild and/or the historical/hysterical
Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild.  It was first awarded by the ECG on 18 January 1982, and is our
second oldest order, after
The Unknown DisOrder.

As given only once a year on January 18, which is the holy day of our Patron Saint,
, it's time to think of nominations.  Technically, only a member of the Order can make
a nomination, but we're open to suggestions for deserving trouble-makers.  Send your
suggestions to our email listed at the end of this here letter.


Bumper Bunny's butt got birthday bumped!  And that's not the only one as we wish happy
birthday spanks to fellow founding member
Joe Monkeyshines and great member Slick
of Purple Ferret's Nest which makes them all members of Smagmoid Kids Club.  
Another fanny slap or five to birthday babe Minima, who's a co-founding nestler (co-leader) of

Congrats to
Fairy Princess Yoshikyoko, who began serving time at a four-year institution of
higher education, and to
Princess Unicornia who's been doing the college grind but is now at
a new one.  The pair are the founders of
Mythics of Harmonia.


(The below entry is as posted by Professor Cramulus at  Thanks to Ratatosk for planting the seed of an
idea, and to P. C. and others for watering and fertilizing it.)

For those of you that haven't heard, COLBERTGASM was an amazing success. I've also been
a lazy ass about spreading word of the Discordian Society's immense and total spagtacular
victory. Recently, I became motivated to give the project wiki an overhaul - check it out:


I've included many video clips of Colbert's Discordian references - if you know of any more, let
me know!...


Someone suggested that while the content of our site may be great, the layout is not.  We've
been happy with it, mostly because it does seem to violate the rules of website design and still
remains very popular (as rated by and, we're in the top three most
visited Discordian sites on the Internet, and our main site,, is consistently ranked
in the top one percent most visited sites in the English language).

But it may be time for improvements.  Plus we've been seriously thinking for a while about
adding an internal search engine--our site's gotten big and it's getting harder to find anything.  
But as that means redesigning every single page (OUCH!), we might as well think about
revising the layout.

So let us know what you think at the link immediately below.  Send Us Your Feedback!


Send Us Your Feedback at; check out our
New and Used Officers/DisMembers at;
and see our last
Snooze Letter (July - August) at


Look at our site for our ripped-off version of Professor Mu-Chao's Holy Name Generator (if
PMC will let us); an update on
Shamlicht Kids Club; More Almost Relics; and some Cool
Stuff We Found on The Internet


(See a list of all our holydays with a link to full descriptions at

September 9 (33 Bureaucracy):
Cat Dancing & Foot Fetish Day (ED)
September 13 (37 Bureaucracy): M
ass of Planet Eris/Eristotle (ED)/(MH)
September 26 (50 Bureaucracy):
Bureflux (PD)

October 3 (57 Bureaucracy): S
magmoid Kids Club Day (ED)
October 5 (59 Bureaucracy):
Gonkulator Day (Gonculator Day) (ED)
October 6 (60 Bureaucracy):
Mad Hatter Day (O)
October 12 (66 Bureaucracy):
Habeas Corpus Remembrance Day (ED)
October 24 (5 Aftermath):
Maladay (PD)

November 16 (28 Aftermath): E
k-sen-triks CluborGuild Day (ECG)
November 24 (36 Aftermath):
Spanking Fest (ED)
November 25 (37 Aftermath):
537 Day (ED), sometimes Turkey Day (O)

December 4 (46 Aftermath):
Hug Day II (O)
December 8 (50 Aftermath):
Afflux (PD)
December 25 (67 Aftermath):
Santa Claus Day (O)/(ED)
December 30 (72 Aftermath):
New Year's Eve Eve (ECG)

January 1 (1 Chaos):
New Year's Day (O)/Nude Year's Day (MH)
January 5 (5 Chaos):
Mungday (PD)
January 10 (10 Chaos):
Backwards Day, Reformed (O)/(ED)
January 10 (10 Chaos):
Binary Day (ED)
January 18 (18 Chaos):
Pat Pineapple Day (ECG)
January 21 (21 Chaos):
Hug Day (O)
January 26 (26 Chaos):
Backwards Day, Traditional (O)


You can visit our small but growing store at Remember, a
portion of your purchase through our store can help keep our site up and help pay off our legal
fees--but it costs you nothing more!  And if you don't want to buy anything from us, you can
sponsor a page on our site including our main page, or simply give us money.  See Why Should
I Donate? at, or let us know if you'd like to sponsor a
page or our site by sending an email to the address listed on our

* * * * *

If you or someone you know wants to begin getting our absolutely f
ree Snooze Letter and other
cool emailings (we usually send about one email a month), send an email to the address on our
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Unsubscribe. Send your
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so we'll know it's not spam. (We get a lot of spam, and don't want to unknowingly delete something from
a Discordian).

If you want to make a submission for our site (or the book, which only needs art submissions), email it to
the address for submssions listed on our
home page. Please see submission details at before you submit. Thank you and have a day.
Snooze Letter
September-November 2008
A Snooze Letter of
the Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild
This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons
2.5 License.  The white textured wallpaper is ours
and nobody will ever be able to use it for
anything!  No really we already released it into the
public domain.  Use it for whatever you like.
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