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July-August 2008
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Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild
Snooze Letter

July-August 2008

"The UnConventional Convention" Double Issue

This being the "Unconventional Convention" Issue, in which we tell you about the in-person get-together
we called ShamliCon, the UnConvention KallistiCon 2008, the Discordian Cyberspace Masquerade
where we felt free to not be ourselves, let you know how you may be able to hear Discordians on Radio
Free Discordia--or be on it yourself, and how you can get together with Discordians in your area for a
Day of Discord.


Some of us who participated in Discordian Cyberspace Masquerade discovered that we lived near each
other and wanted to get together.  
KallistiCon was too distant, so we decided to have a little get-together
that same weekend that we self-importantly called "
ShamliCon" (see below).  Unfortunately, King Fish
lived too far away from us to join us.  Fortunately, King Fish blew our idea out of the water, and, with
Rev. St. Syn, KSC, unleashed the resulting flood on the world.  This became the concept of Day of
Discord.  While nominally scheduled for August 23, getting together with Discordians in your area isn't
limited to a certain date.

You can post your general location (NOT address, phone number) at at   Warning: some posters there have flamed others in an
apparent attempt to thwart these get-togethers.  But what would you expect from The Agents of

If you want to get together but don't want to post there (it requires you signing up, but it is free),
Professor Cramulus pointed out an excellent alternative for Discordians anywhere, including a New
Discordian Cabalhouse on the American East Coast, with info at


One of the Anonymous Lifeforms, Perlie the Pony Girl, Reverend Loveshade, Sister Creamy
Binky the WonderSkull (our token "dead head") learned in Discordian Cyberspace Masquerade
that we all currently resided close to each other.  As none of us were able to make it to KallistiCon but
did have free time that weekend, we decided to get together to have a little Discordian fun.  In an act of
self-importance, we called it
ShamliCon.  This was in honor of Cherub Princess Shamlicht, who told
us to write
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht in a vision seen on Mid Year's Day, 2 July

Don't feel bad if you didn't hear about our get-together until now--it wasn't really a convention, just a tiny
group of friends.  But it went well beyond what you might expect from four living people and a skull.  We
joined with others, including
Purple Ferret's Nest of Shamlicht Kids Club and a Pagan coven.  We did
do a little write-up of our experiences, which you can read at


From what we've heard so far, KallistiCon 2008, the eighth in a series of unconventions, was great.  St.
, with the help of Johnny Brainwash and others, has held it in the San Francisco, California area
every year of the 21st century.  Only a few privileged individuals have attended, as all the convention
attendees must fit into St. Mae's home!

This year it happened on June 20 to 22.  We don't yet have a lot of details, but know there was
something about killing Discordia (?????) and a Cacophony marching band which we saw and heard
online.  And there was a ritual, which some of us more-or-less participated in, if not at the same place or
time.  Look for more details, pics and video coming at and on our site (check for our version of the announcement).  (Warning:
cacophony does not mean harmony....)


The Discordian Cyberspace Masquerade is now over, and it was well worth attending.  Several
Discordians from various parts of Cyberspace participated under secret identities.  We got to talk to old
friends we didn't recognize, chat with new friends we hadn't met, and even unknowingly had some
pleasant conversations with some (former?) rivals.  Some of us unmasked at the end and some didn't,
so we still don't know who everybody we talked to was.

Some of the posts will be made part of a book, but we don't know the name of it yet.  To see what
happened, check out


Mourning Star made a suggestion on 28 April 2008: why not have a Discordian Radio Station?  It
would be very small, and could only be listened to by a small handful of people at a time, at least at the
start.  But it could certainly grow, and already has some people working on putting things together.
And you might be one of them!  Things are moving ahead.  While there's no date yet set for it to begin,
and the website is still under heavy construction, you could be a part of the madness.  You can find out
more at


Congrats to Fundament and Pope Hilde, who respectively fathered and birthed a baby girl three
weeks late (well, maybe the fathering part wasn't late).  And congrats to
Princess Unicornia and
Nurse Eggscream who named the baby!  Hilde had posted a request for Discordian baby names on, and some of us helped out by posting Hilde's request on and other sites.

Several people suggested names, but Pope Hilde (Fundament was, sadly, out of the area and out of
touch when the baby was born) decided to let the baby decide.  The second time the pope said "Erisa,"
the baby girl touched Mommy.  So that was it!  
Erisa Roze came out at a big 9 lbs. 11 oz.  Pope Hilde is
assistant to
Sister Hooter for Nest of Pink Vipers, the first chapter of Smagmoid Girls which became
one of the first nests of
Smagmoid Kids Club.  Fundament is a professional killer.

Congraduations (that's congratulations for a graduate--
Alden Loveshade coined that one) to Fairy
Princess Yoshikyoko
.  The fairy princess got straight As in high school, which in this day and age of
"enhanced" grades wasn't quite enough.  But Yoshikyoko is happy to be class Salutatorian, and we're
proud of our girl who co-founded
Mythics of Harmonia.  Yoshi, as we call em, even snuck in a veiled
reference to our Goddess by talking about the "discord" the graduates would be facing.  We bet
Discordia was proud!

A Birthday Smagmoid to
Smagmoid AL, who with Minima leads Purple Ferret's Nest of Smagmoid Kids
Club; birthday fanny slaps to PFN founding member Joe Monkeyshines and new PFN member Ram,
both of whom have been very active; and more to
Perlie the Pony Girl, who is now of legal age in
Fnordia.  Of course everyone who wants to be is of legal age in Fnordian.  Besides, what's an illegal
age?  And thanks to Perlie for bringing in the dupe--er, informed person--listed immediately below.

Welcome abroad to
Sister Creamy, who is the newest member of the Ek-sen-trik Discordians or Mythics
of Harmonia, we aren't sure which yet.  Our members tend to mix a lot.  We met the sister in the
Discordian Cyberspace Masquerade, where e was disguised as
Good To The Last Drop, and then in
person at the get-together described below (is there a pattern here?)


New entries on our site include Knowing We are Free by St. Verthaine which
examines the "I don't have any choice" illusion at; Day of
Discord at; Discordian Meetup: New Discordian
Cabalhouse at; ShamliCon at


(See a list of all our holydays with a link to full descriptions at

July 2 (37 Confusion): Mid Year's Day (ECG)
July 15 (50 Confusion): Confuflux (PD)

August 10 (3 Bureaucracy): Multiversal Underwear Day (O)/(MH)
August 12 (5 Bureaucracy): Zaraday (PD)
August 25 (18 Bureaucracy): Festival of Hanky-Panky Spankies (MH)
September 9 (33 Bureaucracy): Cat Dancing & Foot Fetish Day (ED)
September 13 (37 Bureaucracy): Mass of Planet Eris/Eristotle (ED)/(MH)
September 26 (50 Bureaucracy): Bureflux (PD)
October 3 (57 Bureaucracy): Shamlicht Kids Club Day (ED)
October 5 (59 Bureaucracy): Gonkulator Day (Gonculator Day) (ED)
October 6 (60 Bureaucracy): Mad Hatter Day (O)
October 12 (66 Bureaucracy): Habeas Corpus Remembrance Day (ED)

October 24 (5 Aftermath): Maladay (PD)


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Snooze Letter
July-August 2008
A Snooze Letter of
the Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild
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