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Snooze Letter
March - April 2009
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Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild
Snooze Letter

March - April 2009

The "Get Off Your Butt and Do Something" Issue


This being the 'Get Your Butt Out There and Do Something' Issue, in which we encourage you to
submit to Discordian Prophetica, invite you to the second annual Discordian Cyberspace
Masquerade, join the battle between Shamlicht Kids Club and Smagmoid Kids Club, have an
Erister Egg Hunt/EggGASM, and get on the radio.


'RADIO FREE DISCORDIA is finally launching! You can hear its birth pangs tonight [April 1, 2009] at
about 7 PM EST. If you're interested in doing a show, whether it's a one-shot or a weekly gig,
contact Mourning Star, who can (often) be found in the #RFD chat room.' --
Professor Cramulus


'...When you aren't listening to Radio Free Discordia, you might want to check out WFMU.  It's the
oldest freeform radio station in the United States of Amerika, synchronistically beginning in the
same year Goddess Discordia exposed herself to Omar and Malaclypse.  And some of the DJs are
some of us.  Althought some of them don't know it.' --
Anonymous Lifeform
Visit their website at wfmu.org and listen at wfmu.org/wfmu.pls


Yes, it's time once again to hide weird stuff and stranger messages in plastic eggs.  For a year, it's
been said the idea originated with
Pinky McFatfat and a post made 11 days before Easter in
Professor Cramulus almost immediately called it EggGASM, as part of OMGASM
(Operation Mindfuck: Golden Apple Seed Mission).  Simultaneously, the
Mythics of Harmonia
Princess Unicornia, Fairy Princess Yoshikyoko and Nurse Eggscream) dubbed it
Erister Egg Hunt.  Call it what you will, but do it.

But it was actually done earlier, probably in 1997 CE:

'One Easter, the
Sacred Chao Ranch Cabal hid plastic Easter eggs all over the mall,
supermarkets, museums, churches, etc. that had enlightening fortunes trapped inside. The fortunes
were along the lines of “This is an unfertilized egg”, “The PA lottery number for 5-23-97 will be 17-32-
5”, “You picked the 10 of Clubs”, “25 cents off of LUCKY CHARMS”, and “You are pregnant (replace
egg if you are a man)”.'

The above is from
'The Discordian Manifesto #3' by Professor Mu-Chao and other 23ae.com
peeps as it appears in
Apocrypha Discordia, 2nd edition on page 17 and at www.23ae.
com/index.asp?post=12  This connection was finally pointed out by Spagnaut at http://groups.

Learn more and see the links at


In case you're unaware, Shamlicht Kids Club was a merger of Shamlicht Girls and Shamlicht
that happened on 3 October 2007.  The separate clubs had both begun in 2005, the girls' club
began by
Sister Hooter and the boys' club by Captain 'Sesame Seed' Rogers.  Like
Discordianism itself, it was a small joke that grew....

Now, there are a few independent chapters in various parts of Earth, which means that a few
outsiders are starting to hear of it.  This has caused some concern over the name.  While there's
great debate about what 'shamlicht' means, for a real kids club it bears what some find an
uncomfortable resemblance to various English words.

Therefore, it's been proposed by a couple members of the SKC's
Purple Ferret's Nest that the
club name be changed to
Smagmoid Kids Club.  'Smagmoid' is, of course, the word spoken by the
crow that proceeded the appearance of
Cherub Princess Shamlicht, who revealed the mission of
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht to Reverend Loveshade.  This was
on Mid Year's Day 2005, which is when Reverend Loveshade first heard the crow say 'smagmoid.'

Perhaps 'shamlicht' sounds more acceptable than 'smagmoid, ' especially as most people won't
know that Shamlicht is a not-socially-correct naked cherub with monkeys flying out of es butt.  On the
other hand, 'smagmoid' also sounds like certain English words, and is similar to a futuristic expletive
used frequently on
Red Dwarf (if you haven't seen that show, watch it).Give us your opinion on that
and anything else, you briliating people, at

Visit the club at
discordia.loveshade.org/skc.  Note that while we are hosting the SKC on our
website, we have no official affiliation with the group.  Also note that the leaders and members of
SKC will make the final decision on the name.


Shamlicht Kids Club (to be Smagmoid Kids Club?) is also looking for a logo.  As each group is
really independent in spite of the supposed structure, several of the members and leaders think it
would be fun to have some sort of logo they could use.  See
discordia.loveshade.org/skc for more
about the group.  Then send your artwork or suggestions to them at the address listed there.


Those who participated in this last year know it was a lot of fun.  Everyone wore a "mask," so you
didn't know who anyone else there was.  That unknown partier could be your best friend, someone
you never met, or your worst enemy.

Last year, the first year, led to a book (still coming),
ShamliCon, Day of Discord, and more.  Who
knows what it will lead to this year?

YOU are invited to the Discordian CYBERSPACE MASQUERADE

Shed your old Internet identity. Come in "disguise."  Rub elbows with Discordians and kin from all
over the Interfnord.  Swap Ideas.Have new ones. Help write a book. Find The Others.

May 27 - 31, 2009 / Confusion 1 - 5, 3175
Join the Party:
(check site--dates may change)


The site groups.yahoo.com/groups/illuminatusinnersanctum began on March 18 or March 19 2000
(date depending on time zone).  Then, around the time of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on
the United States (when some of us started disappearing), it started to fade.

Well, we've revived it!  Thanks to returning members and new members, the site once frequented by
some great Discordians has been the most active it's been since 2002.  It has some great
discussions, and some pretty crappy ones too.  Go thou and checkest it out!


I (Reverend Loveshade) agreed to publicize this, so here goes.
Hail Eris!

We are Sondra London & DrJon Swabey. We are bringing forth the Discordia Prophetica.

And so we toss the venerable
Discordia Apocrypha, the Honest Book of Truth, Erisian
& Kulcha into the Chaosotron with the freshest new discordiana in the world.

From Atlanta to Australia, Nagasaki to Athens, London to Dallas, they include:
Kerry Thornley,
The Erisian Elestria, DrJon Swabey, Dr. Liber, Dr. Hoopla, Prince Mu-Chao, Cardinal Sin,
Pilliard Dickle, Icarus, Sham Ibrahim, Priestess of Blackwing Butterflies, Temple of Mumbo
Jumbo, & Tom Bradley

Have YOU composed any discordian prophecies or erisian mysteries, deep thoughts or smart
remarks? Fnords, inexplicata, apocrypha, visions or hallucinations, doodles or diagrams, jingles or
gimcracks, you'd like to SUBMIT?

WE ARE NOW ISO text and hi-res B/W graphics concerning golden apples and the tossing thereof
by goddesses; references to Kallisti, "For the Prettiest One"; controversy, chaos, discord,
illumination, inspiration, lunacy, slack, fives, twenty-threes, four-twenties; prophecy, glossolalia,
incantation, recursive or obsessive trips, rants, brags; influenced by arcana, subgenius, dada, zines,
mythology, voices in head.

- This book DISCORDIA PROPHETICA will be published as Kopyleft.
- It will be sold on a Print on Demand basis.
- We are NOT making it available electronically.
- We are going to offer this book to the public via sondralondon.com for a SLIGHT MARKUP over
- You keep the rights to your own work.
- If your submission is accepted, as a contributor you can buy the book AT COST.
- We ask you NOT to sell DISCORDIA PROPHETICA online anywhere.
- We are in no way affiliated with kerrythornley.com, and in no way do we endorse them.


The end of the email address was cut off to avoid spam. The site, which is well worth visiting, is
 Understand that the issue is planned to be kopyleft, so your work, if it appears
in the collection, may be published/altered by anyone.


Happy Belated/Current/Future Birthday to Faunrise and Mounty Zebra, nestling and nestler of
Purple Ferret's Nest of Shamlicht Kids Club; Bellydancer Upyours and Fairy Princess
, respectively founding member and co-founder of Mythics of Harmonia; P.E.T.A.
(People of Eris Topless for Animals)
activist Miley Spears; Discordians for Jesus co-founders
Sister Lorraine of Fairy Tree and Nixie Nurita.

We also recognize the formation by (
Name Withheld by Request) of People's Omgasmic
Revolution for a New Eristic Age (P.O.R.N.E.A.).
 More information on this group will be coming.  
Or not.


Erister Egg Hunt (now even more true) at discordia.loveshade.org/xtra/erister.html; Stripping
Away American Freedom (who really did it) at discordia.loveshade.org/xtra/freedomstrip.html,
Snooze Letter 2009 Jan - Feb (in case you missed it the first time) at discordia.loveshade.
org/xtra/snooze/snooze0901.html, Discordia Prophetica (the book you can help write) at discordia.
loveshade.org/xtra/prophetica.html, Intermittens (new issues and you can submit for future ones) at

If anyone has a copy of Reverend Loveshade's long-missiong piece
How to Raise a Terrorist,
please let us know.


(See a list of all our holydays with a link to full descriptions at discordia.loveshade.org/ek-sen-trik-

March 10 (69 Chaos): Head Chicken/Chicken Head Day (MH)
March 19 (5 Discord): Mojoday (PD) or Lingananday
March 25 (11 Discord): Discordians for Jesus/Neighbor Loving Day (DJ)
April 1 (18 Discord): April Fool's Day (O)
April 2 (19 Discord): St John the Blasphemist's Day (ED)
April 6 (23 Discord): Jake Day (O)
May 3 (50 Discord): Discoflux (PD)
May 23 (70 Discord): Jake Day Jr. (DJ)/Day of the Elppin (MH)
May 25 (72 Discord): Towel Day (O)
May 31 (5 Confusion): Syaday (PD) or Gulikday/Fearless Fred Day (ED)
May 37 (11 Confusion): 537 Day (ECG)
June 10 (15 Confusion): Mad Hatter Day (O)
June 21 (26 Confusion): Imaginary Friend/Captain Tuttle Day (ED)/(MH)
July 2 (37 Confusion): Mid Year's Day (ECG)

You can visit our small but growing store at discordia.loveshade.org/store. Remember, a portion of
your purchase through our store can help keep our site up and help pay off our legal fees--but it
costs you nothing more!  And if you don't want to buy anything from us, you can sponsor a page on
our site including our main page, or simply give us money.  See
Why Should I Donate? at discordia.
loveshade.org/xtra/donate.html, or let us know if you'd like to sponsor a page or our site by sending
an email to the email address listed on our
home page.

* * * * *

If you or someone you know wants to begin getting our absolutely free Snooze Letter and other
cool emailings (we usually send about one email a month), send an email to the email address
listed on our
home page. with the subject Add Me. If you want us to take your name off of our
emailing list (which means you will remain unilluminated), send an email to the same address
with the subject
Unsubscribe. Send your comments on our Snooze Letter or proposals or opinions
on submitted pieces or a request to review future submissions or your birthday suit day or your
vote on proposed saints or anything else other than submissions to the same address, but put
something Discordian (ED, ECG, Eris, etc.) in your heading so we'll know it's not spam. (We get a
lot of spam, and don't want to unknowingly delete something from a Discordian).

If you want to make a submission for our site (or the book, which only needs art submissions),
email it to the email address listed on our
home page.. Please see submission details at http:
//discordia.loveshade.org/xtra/xssubmit.html before you submit. Thank you and have a day.
Snooze Letter
March - April 2009
A Snooze Letter of
the Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild
This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons
2.5 License.
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