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Snooze Letter
January-February 2008
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Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild
Snooze Letter

January/February 2008

"Good Look at Bad Books" Double Issue

This being the "Good Look at Bad Books" Issue, in which we announce the opening of our
online store, provide you with some cool free books, add some new saints, and induct two
worthies into a great disorder.


We are pleased to announce two new members of our oldest and one of our most prestigious
Orders (or DisOrders), the
Order of the Pineapple.  This is given only once a year on January
18, which is the holy day of our Patron Saint, Pat Pineapple.  It honors those who have made
exceptional contributions of extreme discord and eccentricity in service to the
Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild
and/or the historical/hysterical Ek-sen-triks
.  It was first awarded by the ECG on 18 January 1982, and is our second oldest
order, after The Unknown DisOrder.  In spite of our silliness, it is one of the few disorders we
actually take seriously (at least more so than the Oscars).

Fairy Princess Yoshikyoko, while relatively new to our ranks (beginning in 2005 CE / 3171
YOLD) and to our planet (born in ???? CE / ???? YOLD), has none-the-less proved to be an
extraordinary member.  Yoshi (as we sometimes call the diminuative princess) co-founded the
Mythics of Harmony (with 2007 O.P. honoree Princess Unicornia) in 2006 CE / 3172 YOLD.  
Yoshi is also one of the main contributors to
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht,
and was involved in the creation of the
Order of the Cloved Lemon aka Cloved Lemon Kissers,
in addition to being a prime force in our
Summit Meeting to determine Rulership of the World
(we think it was a tie).

Dr. Sinister Craven never joined the ECG and hasn't formally joined the D & D of the
ECG, e had been a major contributor to the
ED: TToS, our group, and a prime helper to es
long-time friend
Reverend Loveshade.  The doctor wrote three fine pieces for our book, but
actually contributed much more.  E's been a force behind one of our saints, the plasmic rock
Orgasmic Death; helped set the direction for our Animal Sex series; is one of the few of
us brave enough to have es picture included in the book; and is one of our site's most frequent
sponsors.  E's also an active protestor for freedom, and a frequent thorn in the side of
Agents of Greyface

Congratulations to them both as we add them to our Book of M.O.P.s!  (That's for Members of
the Order of the Pineapple.  It's not a real book, but we had to somehow make this entry fit our


We now have an online store!  It's just begun, and you can bet we have plans for expansion with
more great tomes and other mega-cool stuff.  It currently features some of our favorite books,
and we plan to feature only those books and other cool stuff that we find really, well, cool.  
Prankster and the Conspiracy is Adam Gorightly's fascinating book about Discordianism
co-founder and one-time
President John F. Kennedy assassination suspect Kerry Thornley
aka Omar Khyyam Ravenhurst.  Our copy of Peter McWilliams' excellent book Ain't
Nobody's Business if You Do, which shows the absurdity of consensual crimes in a free
country, was ironically seized by the authorities and held by the FBI in an investigation of, yes,
some suspected consensual "crimes."  
Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protection
Children from Sex is an extremely controversial but enlightening book by Judith Levine that
The Agents of Greyface would like to ban in your community.  We have other great works, many
of them controversial, including, of course,
Principia Discordia.  A portion of your purchase
our store can help keep our site up and help pay off our legal fees--but it costs you
nothing more!  Such a deal, what?


Moosemas was begun by Our Lady of the Woods in some American state where you see
moose (is the plural mooses or meeses?).  Celebrate your inner moose, get more moose
slack, and play
Pin the Penis on Bullwinkle the Moose!  A funny quasi-Discordian flavored
book that's available on our site as a pdf file.

Book of Eris is our Alternate Second Holy Book which we consider one of best Discordian
tomes of the 21st century so far.  Edited by
St. Verthaine the Goth, it hs humor, philosophy,
art, and other great stuff, including a bit by our own
Reverend Loveshade.  Available on our
site as a pdf file.

See these and our
first Second Holy Book Apocrypha Discordia, perhaps the first
Discordian tome of the 21st century.

More great stuff coming!


Those celebrating now or very soon include:
Rosey Tiger, who is a founding member of both Shamlicht Kids Club and one of its local
chapters called
Purple Ferret's Nest.  Rosey recently earned es third SKC merit badge, this
for a performance piece created with
Coco Kitty called "Magical Coffee."

Saint The Mary, who celebrates on, not surprisingly, The Mary Day, which is February 18.  The
Mary is Patron Saint of
Bearers of Erisian Tattoos; displays our Holy Symbol, the Sacred
Chao with Killiifish
on es belly; and is a Divinely Revered Object of Obscene Lust.

Princess Unicornia, who is a co-founder of Mythics of Harmonia.  Unicornia is Assistant
Editor/Groupie for our own
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht, is a M.O.P. (
Member of the Order of the Pineapple) and has many other cool titles.

Five Fanny Slaps to each of them.

If you have a birthday, anniversary, holyday celebration, convention, death of your Norwegian
Blue parrot, or other event you'd like us to mention in a Snooze Letter, send us an email to the
address below.


(See a list of all our holydays with a link to full descriptions at

January 1 (1 Chaos): New Year's Day (O)/Nude Year's Day (MH)
January 5 (5 Chaos): Mungday (PD)
January 10 (10 Chaos): Backwards Day, Reformed (O)/(ED)
January 10 (10 Chaos): Binary Day (ED)
January 18 (18 Chaos): Pat Pineapple Day (ECG)
January 21 (21 Chaos): Hug Day (O)
January 26 (26 Chaos): Backwards Day, Traditional (O)
February 18 (49 Chaos): The Mary Day (ED)
February 19 (50 Chaos): Chaosflux (PD)
February 20 (51 Chaos): Pet Loving Day (O)
February 29 (St. Tib's Day): St. Tib's Day (PD)/Leaping Birth Day (ED)
February 30 (?????): The Unknown Holyday
March 10 (69 Chaos): Head Chicken/Chicken Head Day (MH)
March 19 (5 Discord): Mojoday (PD) or Lingananday
March 25 (11 Discord): Discordians for Jesus/Neighbor Loving Day (DJ)
April 1 (18 Discord): April Fool's Day (O)
April 2 (19 Discord): St John the Blasphemist's Day (ED)
April 6 (23 Discord): Jake Day (O)

We have more saints and more proposed saints!

Log Lady, eccentric Twin Peaks' prophet, got a lot of support as a saint, but we realized that
the real prophet was
Log Lady's Log!  And we figured, if you honor the log, you honor the
lady.  Plus we didn't want to be accused of discrimination against body parts of dead plants.

Enough people liked, "What's up, Doc?" to support
Bugs Bunny as a saint!  But it's been
suggested that St. Bugs, St.
Perri the Squirrel (of The Illuminatus! Trilogy), and proposed
Bullwinkle the Moose (see Moosemas above) share a sainthood.  Bullwinkle performs
magic tricks that don't work, hangs out with a squirrel, asks really stupid questions that are very
hard for smart people to answer, and personifies slack (even though that's somewhat

Princess Unicornia and Fairy Princess Yoshikyoko have suggested Ophelia (from the play
Hamlet by Billy Wigglestick, who's known to non-Discordians as William Shakespeare).  
Ophelia gets jilted by lover Hamlet as the prince pretends to go mad, "madly" gives out flowers
to royalty and nobility that just happen to symbolize some truths about their deeds (truth hidden
as nonsense), and then plays sink with "I sunk myself."  Send us your opinions on these to the
email listed below by 15 March 2008.


Perlie the Pony Girl
wants to thank everyone who gave support, encouragement and
condolences by email, posting on
The Loveshade Family Blog at, and
23 Apples of Eris at  For those who don't know, Perlie was friends with
Emily Sander, 18, who died by violence.  Under the name Zoey Zane, e modeled on the
Internet dressed in various forms of garb and "as nature intended," i.e., sans clothing.  You can
see our tribute page at


Actually, it's your support we can use. Feel free to donate, or consider it, by going to Why
Should I Donate? at You can also go there to learn
how you can sponsor a page on our website. We'll post a link or banner of yours to a link you
choose (some exceptions apply--email us at the address listed at for
details, or send us a message to the address listed on our
homepage.) We could really use
your help and support, and it will solve your problem of what to do with your income tax refund.

* * * * *

If you or someone you know wants to begin getting our absolutely free Snooze Letter and
other cool emailings (we usually send about one email a month), send an email to to the
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homepage with the subject Add Me. If you want us to take your name off
of our emailing list (which means you will remain unilluminated), send an email to the same
address with the subject
Unsubscribe. Send your comments on our Snooze Letter or
proposals or opinions on submitted pieces or a request to review future submissions or your
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the same address, but put something Discordian (ED, ECG, Eris, etc.) in your heading so
we'll know it's not spam. (We get a lot of spam, and don't want to unknowingly delete
something from a Discordian).

If you want to make a submission for our site (or the book, which only needs art submissions),
email it to the address lised for submission on our
homepage. Please see submission
details at before you submit. Thank you and
have a day.
Snooze Letter
January-February 2008
A Snooze Letter of
the Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild
This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons
2.5 License.
The Wallpaper belongs to the folks at Yahoo! and
is used by permission.
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