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May-June 2008
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Snooze Letter

March-April 2008

"No Time Like The Future" Double Issue

This being the "UnConventional" Issue, in which we tell you about the in-person UnConvention
KallistiCon 2008, the Discordian Cyberspace Masquerade where you can feel free to not be yourself,
and the surprisingly real Smagmoid Kids Club.


Perhaps the best-known--maybe the only--regularly scheduled Discordian Convention (or
UnConvention) is
KallistiCon. St. Mae has held it in the San Francisco, California area every year of
the 21st century. Only a few privileged individuals have attended, as all the convention attenders must
fit into St. Mae's home!

This year it's scheduled for June 20 to 22 and right now nobody knows what will happen. Previous
activities have included playing 1000 Blank White Cards, visiting Saint Emperor Norton I's grave, getting
complete strangers involved in Discordian weirdness, and other unmundane and fun stuff we aren't
allowed to talk about.

What will they do this year? Whatever it is, it's bound to be a lot of fun (this year the Summer Solstice
occurs during the convention, and there's a rumor that, exactly on the Summer Solstice, St. Mae will be
possessed by
Goddess Discordia. After all, St. Mae is the reincarnated St. Minnie Rae. Of course we
could be making this part up). A couple of our associates are hoping to go, and you just might want to
join them. Among other things, one of them plans to look for a connection between the San Francisco
prostitute Minnie Rae that
Emperor Norton I declared "The Little Countess" and the character Wendy
Peter Pan and Wendy.

For those who can't make it in person, you may be able to join the fun in cyberspace. After all, isn't
sticking apart more fun if you do it together? For more info, visit, or see our
own ripped off version at


For those who can't make KallistiCon, and for those who can, put on your cybermask and come to a
Discordian Cyberspace Masquerade. It's an irony that even us Discordians can get stuck in reality
tunnels, where we see things the way we're expected to see them and make the usual inappropriate
comments and opinions we're expected to make. And even Discordians have developed a sort of
unwritten hierachy where some people's opinions are more listened to than others. You may have had
highly heated discussions with other Discordians, and ironically been afraid to express how you really

Well get unstuck. Sign up now at and get ready for May 27 to 31 (Confusion 1 to
5 by the Discordian calendar). Make a handle you've never used, and be yourself in a way you haven't
been. (By the way, it says you have to provide a real email address, but that's not true--it doesn't
require verification to sign up, and your email can be bogus. Or you can get a free one you've never
used before--check,,, or whever for a new free email in case
you forget your password or something. For the purpose of this event only, we can
even provide you an email address at if you like.) Not even the organizers of this event
are identified, but you can send in Discordian stuff by you or someone else (with permission) for a
proposed book. Feel free to not be yourself.


Like much of what's Discordian, it started as a joke but is growing from there. Shamlicht Girls and
Shamlicht Boys "officially" merged on 3 October 2007 (the anniversary of the tragedy that ended the
life of 15-year-old
Luna Wilson, daughter of Arlen Riley Wilson and The Illuminatus! Trilogy
Robert Anton Wilson.)

Shamlicht Kids Club has different local groups called nests, some of which have real people, or
as real as Discordians get. People are taking not-being-serious seriously.

Like it or not, if children are raised to believe there's only one right way to view life, they are likely to get
stuck in that perspective. It's a primary point of
Malaclypse the Younger's The Myth of Icabod
(Starbuck) and has been continued by our own Reverend Loveshade's Five Blind Men and an
Elephant and several other Discordian tales. There's a Biblical quote that says, "Train up a child in the
way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." So which way do we want children to
go? Stuck in some tunnel-visioned world for the narrow minded where their thoughts are spoon fed to

Shamlicht Kids Club allows each individual nest of about 5 to 10 kids with a leader or two to do as they
will. You don't have to get permission from the head office because there isn't any head office. Yes, we
have a made-up hierachy but you think you really have to follow that? You can give out merit badges or
not; have field trips or not; have planned activities or not.

Already groups have had an
Erister Egg Hunt, had an improvised Found Instrument Concert in a public
park, had a Jake on the website where they asked them to add Eris-Discordia to
their pantheon (this one inspired by a posting by
Professor Cramulus at and had fun being creative in a way the outside world didn't
expect. Some groups are even planning on doing community service, perhaps in a way the community
doesn't expect.

The one thing we do ask that groups follow is the motto, "Be Prepared for Anything." Yes, it's a ripped
off verson of the highly organized Boy Scouts' and Girl Scouts' mottos, but we like it.

If you're looking for a basic concept of SKC, merit badges, non-uniform uniforms, etc., check out


Yes, the votes are in, once again!

Dorothy (of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz), Wendy (of Peter Pan and Wendy) have been named
Discordian saints along with the previously accepted
Alice (of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland). All
three have been Disneyfied, so we've Discordianified them, which we feel is closer to their real selves.
We can't take credit for bringing the three together, though--
Watchmen creator and
Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie already did that in the highly
controversial (c***d p*********y?) graphic novel
Lost Girls. (We'll be contacting Moore and Gebbie to see
if the real-life
Minnie Rae, possible inspiration for Wendy, may have also inspired this book).

Sadly, as a saint
Peter Pan didn't fly. Some of us wanted to give sainthood to the "do as you will,"
anti-authoritarian, Discord-creating original Peter Pan of
J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan and Wendy. But the
Disney folks' cleaned up version of Peter is the one most people know, and e's about as Discordian as
the comic book
Archie Andrews. Now Archie's establishment-ignoring Jughead might be a little
touched by Eris....


Yes, we must admit much of what we've added recently are ripoffs--but they're good ripoffs (see original
links above). Learn why
Miley Cyrus aka Miley Ray Cyrus aka Hannah Montana may have moved
from being a Disney Princess to a Discordian American Princess (term invented by good
Icarus 23 i.e.
Mark P. Steele of the Illuminatus comic books who provided art for Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The
Tales of Shamlicht)  To learn, see the Miley article ripped off from which
we have at

Also see why you'll want to be involved in person or online at
KallistiCon 2008 at; learn how you--no, not really you--can participate online
in the
Discordian Cyberspace Masquerade by visiting our version at; and thanks to Lady Merve for the "I am the naked
Goddess" photos (see above).


(See a list of all our holydays with a link to full descriptions at

May 3 (50 Discord): Discoflux (PD)
May 23 (70 Discord): Jake Day Jr. (DJ)/Day of the Elppin (MH)
May 25 (72 Discord): Towel Day (O)
May 31 (5 Confusion): Syaday (PD) or Gulikday/Fearless Fred Day (ED)
May 37 (11 Confusion): 537 Day (ECG)
June 10 (15 Confusion): Mad Hatter Day (O)
June 21 (26 Confusion): Imaginary Friend/Captain Tuttle Day (ED)/(MH)
July 2 (37 Confusion): Mid Year's Day (ECG)
July 15 (50 Confusion): Confuflux (PD)
August 10 (3 Bureaucracy): Multiversal Underwear Day (O)/(MH)
August 12 (5 Bureaucracy): Zaraday (PD)
August 25 (18 Bureaucracy): Festival of Hanky-Panky Spankies (MH)


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Snooze Letter
May - June 2008
A Snooze Letter of
the Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild
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Lady Merve as possessed by Goddess Eris

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